2 Robbery Suspects Lynched

Two men suspected to be armed robbers have been lynched in Badagry area of Lagos, southwest Nigeria, witnesses said, adding that two others escaped.

•The two robbers lynched in Badagry on Sunday

•The two robbers lynched in Badagry on Sunday

Sources said the four men, arrested by a neigbourhood watch, were accused of killing Dele Ashiribo, the head of the vigilance group in the area.

Witnesses said the deceased were clubbed to death by an irate mob at Agamathen Area of Badagry at about 5 p.m. on Sunday.

According to witnesses, Ashiribo was said to be returning from church when  he saw the gang  in the area.

Ashiribo was said to have recognised the gang members, having given them a hot chase some days earlier. He got off his motorcycle and confronted them.

He was said to have overpowered and handcuffed two members of the gang but was shot dead by the other two members who fled immediately.

Residents rushed in and lynched the two gang members who had been handcuffed by Ashiribo. Witnesses said Ashiribo died before help could come his way.

The three dead bodies were taken away by the Police in their pick-up van to the Badagry General hospital where medical officials confirmed them dead.

The bodies have been deposited in the mortuary.

Residents said for some weeks now, Badagry had witnessed several robbery attacks. Recently, a popular clearing agent, Mr. Solomon Oyedele was killed in his house when he was unable to produce the amount demanded by the robbers.



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