N25K Bribe: Policeman Vs Motorist

A Police Sergeant attached to the Lagos State Police Command Motor Traffic Division has been caught on video trying to extort money from a motorist in Lagos, western Nigeria.

In the video which has gone viral on the social media, the policeman was caught negotiating a N25,000 bribe on camera. Unknown to him, the whole scene was being recorded by the smart motorist.

•The bribe taking police sergeant making a phone call during the negotiation

•The bribe taking police sergeant making a phone call during the negotiation

The Sergeant had arrested the motorist for contravening the traffic code. He took the motorist to the entrance of their station, but rather than book him, decided to negotiate with him. From a clip of the video, the officer, obviously was attracted by some foreign currency notes he saw with the motorist, who was on his way out of, the Murtala Muhammed International Airport with a female companion. The policeman decided to demand a hefty N25,000 to let the motorist off the hook.

Meanwhile the Nigeria Police last night released a post via the force’ Facebook page.

The message with the headline: “Arrest of Unethical Policeman Caught On Video” revealed the identity of the sergeant.

“The Policeman involved in the unprofessional and shameful act as seen in a video clip currently in circulation on the social media has been identified.

“He is a Sergeant with Force Number 192954 (Name withheld) attached to the Lagos State Command Motor Traffic Division (State MTD). He has been arrested and currently in detention awaiting the commencement of his orderly room trial (Nigeria Police version of court).

“The Inspector General of Police IGP MD Abubakar has directed the Commissioner of Police Lagos State to ensure that the orderly room trial is concluded in record time. The IGP therefore reiterates his assurance to the public of his zero tolerance to any form of corrupt practices involving any Police officer.

“He equally advises citizens to take advantage of the use of the Nigeria Police Force’ complaint email address; policemonitor@npf.gov.ng which guarantees their confidentiality in forwarding all manners of complaints of unethical conduct involving any Police officer or security agent for necessary action.”

since the video went viral, a lot of Nigerians home and abroad have been commenting.

A concerned Nigerian based in Republic of Ireland, Bayo Blakk said after seen the

Video: “The Police officer is a disgrace to we Nigerians home and abroad. He must be prosecuted so as to serve as deterrent to others.”

Another Nigerian, Adewole Ajao, resident in Scotland simply said “kelebe at the top. This officer should be Located…This is what Nigerians go through in the hands of the Police… a good evidence against the Nigerian Police Force.”

Here is the transcript of the negotiation for a bribe that put the policeman in trouble. In the transcript, the female passenger in the car also offered some words to the policeman.

Police: Once we enter this compound now, I no go follow you talk

Motorist (protesting): I don’t have N25,000

Police: OK. Talk better thing now, make you go your way, make you go your  Osborne

Motorist: (Protests again) I don’t have more than N2,000

Police: Ok (sighed). Oh.. (quiet)

Motorist: If you want to help me, must I pay N25k?

Police: I know sir, I know you cannot raise N25,000. But talk something  reasonable

Motorist:  (Female passenger) I told you I just got my ticket now. You want me to show you. My ticket is in the car.

Policeman: Wait now… What you are saying is very far… Add something reasonable to that. Make you go your way. I know there is no how you can raise N25k; a guy like you.

Motorist: Oga, a man like me… oga

Policeman: And moreover, I am not working alone.Look, if you enter this compound (police station), you will pay bigger money.

Motorist: You know I won’t stand on that ground and risk saying bigger amount when I don’t have. I don’t have…

Policeman: I am not working alone

Motorist: I don’t live  here. I came here to collect something. I have N500 on me. If I cannot at least… I’m going to Ajah. I’m coming back to Airport tomorrow. How do you want me to do it?

Motorist (Female) I’ve told you .. should I show you my ticket?

Policeman: Wait… No be $50, $20 and other dollars dey with you?

Motorist: (Female): I have told you I’m paying for excess luggage. That was why I offered you…

Policeman: All that $50 dollars  – you want to use for excess luggage… you dey speak grammar; by the time when speak (sic) no dey for  two of us, you go see my own. Add something to that money.

Motorist: I don’ have

Police: You don’t have ….(sighed) pause…

Motorist: So you cannot help me because I cannot put small money to it….. to that N2,000 (silence for some moments)

Policeman: I have related to you like my own young brother, like friend…

Motorist: Have I not spoken to you like a man, to tell you what I have?

Policeman: if it is possible from that side.. you think I will still be inside here? (the car)

Motorist: You think I will waste my time here if I have more money?

Policeman?: I’m not working alone, if I am, even if it is N1,000 I will collect from you and go.

(Policeman picks his mobile phone and calls a colleague named Wasiu and reports that the jeep car that he arrested is not ready to deal; that he should tell Oga to ‘book it’ “He told me N2,000”, he reported to the said Wasiu.



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