Ladies: How To Get Your Guy’s Attention

Ladies are naturally designed to gain any guy’s attention. All they need is just some tweaks.

Guys are not hard to decipher. You can get their attention easily.

Here are some tips that will help you.

1. Invite him for a social event.

2. Relate with his friends. Talk to them about him. Just talk about his qualities.

3. Shown interest in his goals and aspirations.

4. Get to love what he loves. Do not pretend, or else your faked interest will be revealed, when you finally get him.

5. Share food with him, or cook him a good meal.

6. Always ask for his opinion on issues.

7. Compliment his outfit, intelligence etc.

8. Get to know more about him. Ask him questions about himself.

9. If you are bold enough, Say it!



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