Funny Reasons Some Marriages End

Divorce or the dissolution of marriage, is the termination of a marital union, the canceling and/or reorganising of the legal duties and responsibilities of marriage, thus dissolving the bonds of matrimony between a married couple under the rule of law of the particular country and/or state.

Anyone who would seek to divorce would have one or more reasons to back up his/her claims.

Below is a compilation of some of the funniest reasons given by couples who filed for divorce and dissolution of marriage.

1. Butt Pad: Adelani Makinde, a 32 year old businessman filed for divorce just hours after his expensive wedding. He discovered that his bride, Kemi had been wearing what is known as a butt pad to augment the size of her rear.

Adelani told an Ikeja high court that his wife’s buttocks is as flat as an ironing board. “I discovered that on our wedding night. I prefer a woman whose rear is big.”

2. Defecating in Cooking Pots: Oluwakele Ogundele divorced her husband because he often defecated in their cooking pots after getting drunk. She told an Agege Customary Court in Lagos that her husband, Oluwakele gets drunk every weekend and of such, she could no longer cope with the 10 year marriage.

3. Kitchen Utensils: 55-year old Emmanuel Asala told Ikare Akoko Customary Court, Ondo to dissolve his marriage to Busayo because she did not bring kitchen utensils from her father’s house. “How will a woman get married without a grinding stone, tablespoons, mortar, pestle, deep freezer and even serving plates?

“She did not bring any of these to my house. I don’t think I can continue with the marriage.”

These were the words Emmanuel uttered in court. He even prayed the court should order Busayo to return all the things he listed because he bought them with his money.
5. Intervention: Adetire Adebola, a 40 year old carpenter told an Ikeja high court, Lagos to dissolve his marriage of five years because his in-law often intervened when he is beating his wife.

“She is a stubborn woman. They don’t want me to teach her a lesson. I don’t like it when her people stop me from beating her. It is either they take their daughter or allow me put sense into her head,” Adebola told the court during the proceeding.

6. Small Boobs: Soji IBbrahim, a 35-year old trader ended his two months marriage to Rashidat because she has small boobs.

“It was her boobs that attracted me to her. I met her when she came to buy pepper from me. I couldn’t take my eyes off her big boobs.”

Ibrahim was shocked to discover his wife had been using artificial boobs after getting married to her.

“Her boobs are small as Agbalumo (cherry). I detest those small size boobs. It is better to end the marriage.”

7. Shoe Odour: This ended a 5-year old union between Ejembi Tony and Rachael. Rachael had filed for divorce at an Igando Grade II court, Lagos because her husband’s shoes smell a lot. After enduring and seeking solution to the problem, Rachael opted out of the union that produced three kids.

8. Sharing of House Chores: Aderibigbe Allen and Sandra’s one year old marriage hit the rocks after Allen filed for divorce in Oluyole Customary Court, Oyo because he was tired of sharing house chores.

“We agreed on how to do the house chores but I am tired of washing unending plates piled up in the kitchen.

“I regret marrying her and agreeing to share house chores. She is just too lazy.”

Divorce cake

Divorce cake

9. Flatulence: Emmanuel Obafemi and Bidemi did not come to terms and their marriage eventually hit the rocks.

According to Emmanuel, his wife is fond of flatulence at any point in time, and it smells horribly. He told an Igando customary court to dissolve their marriage because he can no longer cope with the habit.

10. Writing ‘Single’ on Facebook Page: Merit Adams, a 29-year old entrepreneur decided to end her marriage after stumbling on her husband, Alex’s facebook page.

According to her, Alex wrote that he is single on his facebook page. So, she wants to grant him his wish.

11. Watching Football Match: Toyin Adisa, a 32-year old man was divorced on the grounds that he wouldn’t watch football match again. His wife, Adijat said she has been given black eye twice because her husband’s team lost in a football match.

She prayed the Agege, Lagos, court to dissolve the marriage because of this habit.

12. Wearing Female Pants: Adebisi Jadesimi dissolved her two-year old because her husband is fond of wearing female undergarment, especially pants.

“It is unbelievable that we share pants. He wouldn’t wear boxers even if you threaten to kill him, he prefers female pants.

“How would a man be wearing woman’s pants?” she narrated her ordeal to Alakuko Customary Court, Lagos.



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