Bride Arrives Her Wedding In A Coffin

A 58-year-old bride, Jenny Buckleff recently shocked guests when she turned up at her own wedding in a coffin meant for dead people.

She said she did it because she wanted to be a different.

coffin-briide“I just wanted to do something a little bit different. Instead of turning up in a horse-drawn cart, I thought I’m going to turn up in a coffin.”

coffin-brideHer groom, Chris wasn’t in support at first, but she was able to convince him to reason with her.

coffin-bride2According to her, she almost didn’t tell her husband but in the end she spilled the beans about three weeks before. He was a bit surprised but he said as long as she was happy, he would go with the flow.

coffin-bride1Although the pair gave lots of wedding guests a shock, they said they were pleased to have had such a talking point at the wedding.



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