Polygamy: Aneke Twins At War

Nollywood identical twins, Chidimma and Chidiebere Aneke popularly called Aneke Twins who made their movie debut in 2007 in Broken Ambition, seem not to be in good terms.

Whenever you see one, you see the other, but it seems marriage would eventually separate them, as they disagree on being married into a polygamous family.

The Aneke Twins

The Aneke Twins

For Chidiebere, she can’t be a second wife nor be part of of polygamous family just like their father. “The difference between then and now is that our father and mothers understood each other and knew what they wanted. But I can’t share my husband with another woman.”

Chidinma, on her part, said: “How they measured wealth those days was in how many children and wives one had. I don’t have a problem with polygamy but will my fellow wives be able to live the way my father and his wives lived? I believe it is still possible to live that way even now.”

Although, they are still unmarried, we hope they both find what they seek for in a man for a happy and unending marriage?



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