Delhi BSF Plane Crashes, Kills All On Board

The Delhi Border Security Force (BSF) small plane has crashed this morning near the Delhi airport just after take-off.

All on board the B 200 Super King comprising three officers and seven senior technicians were killed.

The pilots were smart enough to pull the aircraft avoiding colonies.

The plane, a 22-year-old Beechcraft, which took off for Ranchi at around 9.45 am, crashed just moments later.

Sources say that no distress call or communication was put across.

The BSF aircraft

The BSF aircraft

The plane swerved to the left after take-off, narrowly missing a village. It then flew over a train track and clipped a tree before slamming into the boundary wall of the airport and crashing into a water treatment plant in the airport compound.

The aircraft burst into flames and was almost completely wrecked. Thick smoke rose from the debris just after the crash.

The plane burts into flame

The plane burts into flame

It was revealed that the pilot had detected a technical problem on starting up his engines but was told to go ahead with his flight by the BSF ground crew. The engines had been overhauled six months ago and there were no plans to decommission the aircraft.

The crash site is close to a railway station and Terminal 3 of the International airport, and the nearest village is two kilometres away.

“We saw a plane spiralling down and crashing near the wall where some labourers were working. A labourer was injured,” said a witness.

“We could see giant flames. We also saw one body being taken out,” said a woman.

The wreck of the plane being taken off

The wreck of the plane being taken off

The Union Minister of State for Civil Aviation, Mahesh Sharma has said that an investigation has been ordered.

According to sources, the plane hit a wall and landed in a sewage treatment plant. Talks in Dhaka between the BSF and its Bangladesh counterpart have been put off following the crash.

These aircraft are often used by top officials and ministers. The plane was taking senior technicians to Ranchi to repair a helicopter.



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