No Evil Propaganda Can Distract Governor Emmanuel —Udobia

A Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) stalwart and political icon in Eket Senatorial District of Akwa Ibom State, Elder Ben Udobia, has warned the opposition party, the All Progressive Congress (APC) to desist from satanic propaganda and falsehood against him and other key supporters of Governor Udom Emmanuel, stressing that the Governor cannot be swayed by such mendacious media war.

Elder Udobia, who was reacting to a fabrication on The Guide Newspaper and some APC online media outlets, said Governor Emmanuel is a proud son of Eket Senatorial District whose economic programmes have attracted budding industries and new opportunities to the state.

The elder statesman said Governor Emmanuel remains the best governor in the country and warned APC and other merchants of falsehood against deceiving the people of the state who already know the truth and are ready to swim and soar with the governor.

Elder Ben Udobia

Elder Ben Udobia

Read full statement below:

“My attention has been drawn to a mendacious and false news item on one local tabloid The Guide Newspaper dated Monday January 18,2016 in which my name is mentioned in a fictitious story that smacks of a calculated attempt by the fabricators to mislead the public and severe the goodwill of the people to their governor.

It suffices clearly to be seen that this uncanny action is obviously a reaction to the growing popularity of our amiable governor, which was further strengthened by the myriads of support and solidarity witnessed during the recent grand reception and mega youth rally that we in Eket Senatorial District organised for our worthy ambassador. It can therefore be said that the grand ploy by the opposition party APC, to engage in media attacks on all key supporters of His Excellency, Governor Udom Emmanuel is out of their ignoble design to cause confusion and heat up the polity. But this has clearly failed because no one, including the harbingers of this satanic propaganda can believe such cheap lies.

Governor Udom Emmanuel remains the only governor in Nigeria who has been able to kick start the process of using his foreign direct investment programme to attract several international industries such as the upcoming three refineries, the electricity meter plant, the car assemblage factory, the Ibom seaport project, the coconut refinery among others, to the state. The economic ingenuity of the governor, which is second to non, has enabled him to pay salaries of government workers up to date, and still engage in massive roads construction and rehabilitation as well as urban remodelling schemes in major cities. Other states like Osun and Imo managed by APC governors are unable to meet the responsibility of paying salary of workers and are lamenting for bailouts from the federal government, this is not a good testimony for the APC, and our people know and stand by the truth.

The recent unwarranted sacking of an indigent of my local government, Barr Bassey Dan Abia as managing director of NDDC, without any justification, means that APC means our people no good, and as such cannot be trusted.

For the avoidance of doubts, let me for the umpteenth time reiterate that as a major stakeholder in the Akwa Ibom project:

• I align myself completely with the decision of other leaders and the overwhelming majority of the people of the state in an unequivocal support and loyalty to the administration of Governor Udom Emmanuel.

• That no amount of smear campaigns or evil propaganda can stop Governor Emmanuel from completing his 8 years tenure as our God given governor.

• That all of us in Eket Senatorial District are very happy and satisfied with the excellent performance of our son in office within the last seven months, especially his industrialisation and wealth creation programmes

• I have no regret whatsoever in having supported his emergence, and I alongside other stakeholders will continue to lend our support to him as always.

• The Governor is a humble and listening leader and has constantly maintained an unfettered relationship with elders and stakeholders of the state, in taking major decisions for our people.

Finally, I wish to restate that Akwa Ibom state is predominantly a PDP state, and we will not fold our hands and watch few political gladiators who are currently attempting to connive with outsiders through an alien political party, to mortgage our state and scuttle the existing zoning arrangement in the state.

Let me use this opportunity to call on all well meaning people to join hands with us to support the governor and desist from blackmail and unfounded propaganda that serves no good purpose for the people of the state.”



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