Reactions Trail Ita Awak’s Zoning Blunder

More reactions have continued to trail the misrepresentation of fact by the All Progressive Congress (APC) Spokesman, Engr. Ita Awak. Read what they have to say:

ITA AWAK the elder who lies for APC in Akwa Ibom just said on radio that when Obong Attah took over government in 1999, the Governor was Ibibio, the deputy was Annang and the Speaker was Oro. He was justifying his position that the positions are always distributed on ethnic basis and not senatorial district.

Barr Essien

Barr Essien

Distinguish ladies and gentlemen, the man on the pics is a proud son of Ekid nation, he hails from Esit Eket local government area of the State. That is not the news. The crux is that he was the speaker of the house of Assembly from 1999 when Obong Attah took over office. But Ita Awak maintains that an Oro son was the Speaker in 1999.

Do we need further lies from Ita Awak and his gang of liars?

Williams Henry: When your political time elapse, you fall back to your party and work for it success like O. I. Etteh not crossing over to another party seeking office elongation. Thanks for keeping the record straight

William Henry

William Henry

Smart ‘Mourinho’ Usanga: I was listening to it for close to an hr sef… they man was jes saying allot of things dat ain’t adding up at all.. But is alright.. it’s call POLITICS and u can only succeed if u knw how to dribble like Ronaldo

Ubon Marcus: How many people will believe this position? That is the issue. APC has capitalized on the gullibility of some AkwaIbomites to feed them with lies which amaze the devil himself. These set of people are so indoctrinated that even if you hold a white piece of cloth to their face in broad day light and ask them to tell you the colour, they will say its black as long as you are of the PDP fold. We need to do more than we currently are. The lies are too much. It seems APC is pushing us to a defensive position. We wait for them to fire first then we scramble a response. Why don’t we take the lead and engage the public on a sustainable expository series with facts? Again I ask. “Does PDP have a publicity Secretary?”

Ubon Marcus

Ubon Marcus

Daniel Etukakpan: Yes. He’s from Esit Eket and he was the speaker in 1999 when Attah was the Govenor and he’s the owner of Imperial Hotel Hotel at SDP road. Eket in Akwa Ibom State

Sony Ebong Ubon: please tell these PDP people that APC came into power in the national using propaganda and are using the same system here. They should stand up and resist this rubbish tactics.

Ubee Udobong: But how long will PDP continue to counter radio broadcast?….if u ask me PDP don’t really need dat….why nt channel d time and strength to re-strategize while APC continues to bark like toothless bulldogs…..Am nt a politician bt we knw d Truth…in d day time they are holy and clean bt in d night u find them in Government house….I pity their followers….play politics professionally…

Ubong David: Engr. Ita Uwak has taken the campaign too far and it is very unfortunate.

Edim Asanaenyi: No, Sir. The Esit Eket chap was impeached an Hon Peter Linus, the uprasung , took over

Willie Mbong: Don’t bother about Ita Awak, him and Ita Enang are bounce of liars

Willie Mbong

Willie Mbong

Paul Philip Iwok: I listened to those cooked lies from Liar Mohammed’s adopted sibbling. It was too funny when he said UOU was conscripted into Akpabio’s government. Yeye man

Comedian Sirjames Essien: The only time I watch Telemundo or Zee World channels is when Engr. THREE PLENTY is on Planet FM.

Itohowo Enang: I thought dat Aks hv only 1 elder ie fool nt knowin dat a personality lik Ita Awak is also joinin d foolish line, our so call elders r d problem of dis state. The duty of elders is 2 bring us 2getha nt division among us. If UOU is so much in luv wit Oron ppl, y can’t he step down 4 Oron person bcom his runnin mate? So dat it wil prove d luv dey claim 2 hv n stop all dis sentiment n tribal hatred

Akaninyene Akpan: AKS is a PDP state yet no member of PDP in the state benefited from the money that was shared to the party by Dasuki to boost GEJ campaign. May be it goes a long way to say that even PDP does not recognize AKS as a PDP state. Then why should some people keeps saying AKS is PDP?

Bright Inung: Yea.. dis man open the floor of speech-maker in 1999, bt it was subsequently indict.. den ORO man takeover d mantle. So the locution somehw look like veracity..

Anny Richmond: God will not forgive ita awak and ita toyo. I stand for Udom gbam

Eke Ekanem: Oron people are after money that is why the always give out their birth right. According to Toyo Senator Akpabio zone office of the SSG to oron which he appointed Toyo and the big fool gave it out to Umana Okon Umana for 10 billion but today Toyo is fighting Akpabio that nothing have been giving to oron nation. He has forgotten that we have records

Victor Eyo: Imagine what our so-call elders are doing behind, selling our right and still make us believe that we the Oro have been cheated. God help



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