Is 9ice Going Back To Toni Payne?

The news of singer, 9ice and his ex-wife, Toni Payne’s forgiveness spreads like wide fire for about two weeks now that it got to a point that the singer had to publicly defend Toni of any wrong allegations.

Well, each other’s sins might have been forgiven but what about the affairs of the human creature they have together, their son, Zion.

9ice and Toni Payne

9ice and Toni Payne

9ice while speaking about the whole brouhaha that ensued with his ex-wife stated that they both need their son and as such need to work as a team rather than personal gains.

He explains that getting back with Toni Payne is not something he can decide as they just need to ensure that he gets the best.

In his words, “Getting back together depends on what you mean. Right now, she has forgiven me and I have forgiven her. She’s moving ahead and I’m moving ahead but we have a son to raise, and that’s the most important thing right now. Whether she will settle in my house is something I can’t tell for now; we can only wait and see.



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