Uyo Senatorial District Rally In View: Endorsing A Supper Brand

By Pat Reuben

“As the custodian of the hopes, aspirations and dreams of this generation of Akwa Ibomites, as the current holder of the Divine Trust which binds our destiny in eternal covenant to the God of our fathers; as an instrument of God’s plans and purposes for our generation, I solemnly declare to you dear brothers and sisters, the great Akwa Ibom people that the mandate you freely gave me eight months ago rests in the sacred place of the Most High. It rests here because it was a Divine Mandate”. Governor Udom Emmanuel.

That Governor Udom Emmanuel is everyday and each moment garnering tremendous and massive support from all nooks and corners of the state, it should send a loud, significant and strategic signal to all the doubting ‘Thomases’. An earth-quaking momentum to those who are playing the left wing, striking dirty and have bluntly refused to toe the right path. Of most concern, the Akwa Ibom APC goons and aggrieved team who by the day are losing the battle have seen that all the tantrums and smear campaign embarked upon to tarnish the lofty-earned image of His Excellency holds no water. It is all an effort in futility. The good people of the state have fully realized that this rascality in open display has lost the recycling selfish interest in their bank of lies and gross propaganda. They claim and rant on daily basis that there is fire on the mountain and that we should all run.

gov udom swearing inYet, for all that, even at the national level, the APC led Federal Government has done nothing in eight months to inspire hope that the much sort after change is here. They indeed, since assumption of power on May 29, 2015, with the swearing-in of President Buhari are incapable of doing so. I can authoritatively vow so; it’s quite glaring they haven’t done the needful. Certainly, they have every unique opportunity to rise to the challenge.

With the sad trends of happenings in the country, Akwa Ibom people are now in the know that we cannot afford to trade our collective heritage in the hands of those who don’t wish us well. Take a look at Nigeria’s economic crisis as it highlights the limitations of the current administration’s anti-corruption policy. There’s nothing new in Mr. Buhari’s war against corruption. He’s using the same tools as former president Obasanjo, Yar’Adua and Jonathan. A lot of cases filed by the EFCC during Obasanjo’s administration are still in process, stalled in a judicial system that is programmed to shield privileged thieves and revolving around partisanship. Already, the Supreme Court has put the case against Senate President Bukola Saraki in a state of abeyance. There’s no sign that the case against former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, will not drag on for years. Meanwhile, as the economy becomes more beleaguered, Nigerians are bound to lose interest in the soap opera of EFCC prosecutions.

Is this the brand of leaders that our aggrieved brothers in the Akwa Ibom APC are struggling to align with, planning to sell their state and our God-given resources to the highest bidder? Let’s keep this aside for another episode and welcome Akwa Ibom’s fruitful bride.

On January 9th, 2016, the people of Eket Senatorial District organized a mega rally in honour of their amiable son, Governor Udom Emmanuel.

The massive turn-out of the event to rally support in sustenance of the Governor’s Divine Mandate significantly painted a picture of a man who is widely enjoying the overwhelming acceptability of his people.

It was indeed a mega rally for a mega governor.

Those who are opposed to Governor Udom’s administration have continued to claim that he is an appendage of the last administration. That the governor has emphasized at different fora that his administration is an improvement on the last administration; “The last administration took us out of Egypt to the Jordan River. My administration is taking us across the Jordan river to the promise land” Gov Udom buttressed.

To build the Akwa Ibom of our dream is not about Udom Emmanuel. The Governor is just a vessel, it is about our children and grand children and future Akwa Ibomites that will be coming after us. It is pertinent that we forget envious, grievous and politics of damning propaganda but line up behind the Governor and show so much faith in the Akwa Ibom Project. It is in line with this deep belief and passion to support Governor Udom Emmanuel to succeed that the good and accommodating people of Uyo Senatorial District are gearing up to receive, support and drum up teaming goodwill to his Excellency in just days counting. Plans are in top gear as crucial meetings of all and top political office holders, field commanders, gladiators and stakeholders of the Senatorial District strategize to make the rally an epoch-making one, resounding and second to none. With the steaming preparations and all hands coming on deck, the highpoint success of the Uyo Senatorial District mega rally in honour of Governor Udom Emmanuel will sure baffle critics in their constant campaign in painting the Governor in bad light.

It is confirmatory that in nearly eight months that he has been in office, the Governor has left no one in doubt about his deep appreciation of the problems that confront the state, and the solutions that must be brought to bear in getting it out of the economic doldrums in which it has been. He has gone about the business of erecting structures that would support his industrialization drive, knowing that it is the only way the state can emerge from its past and be economically relevant in the Nigeria of the 21st century.

The people of Uyo Senatorial District are in support and are committed to the industrialization and infrastructural development piloted by Governor Udom Emmanuel. With the several ground breakings for new industries and resuscitating of ailing and moribund ones; from LED factory to automobile, and fertilizer plant to numerous others, industrialization is on its wings in Akwa Ibom State. Peacock Paints has come alive again. In tandem with the Dakkada initiative, Uyo Senatorial District have chosen to declare more support for the Governor’s superior performance and consolidation as the curve keeps rising.

Conclusively, in the face of numerous crafted challenges especially the hurdles in futility mounted by enemies of the state, the people of Uyo Senatiorial District are not deterred but rest assured that when the judicial process is over and our victory again, re-affirmed, we expect our brothers and sisters to bury the hatchet and come and join us to build a greater Akwa Ibom State. We must know that we do not have to see eye to eye in order to walk hand in hand. We are brothers and blood should be thicker than politics. Relationship built over decades should not be sacrificed over the fleeting impulse of partisan politics. Political foes of today may likely be political allies of tomorrow and in the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

Join Uyo Senatorial District people as we prepare to receive in support and solidarity for Governor Udom Emmanuel who represents the positive change that only a new order can guarantee for Akwa Ibom.

Pat Reuben is a Public Affairs analyst, writes in from Awantong, Etinan LGA



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