Gov. Emmanuel: A Renewed Vigour To Deliver

By Pat Reuben

Even before the Supreme Court validation of the mandate of Governor Udom Emmanuel as the duly and confirmed occupant of the Hilltop Mansion, I can substantiate with full authority, data and facts that since assumption of office on May 29, 2015, His Excellency had hit the ground running. When the aggrieved and contagious APC litigation bordering on the shady and ineligible conduct of the gubernatorial elections cribbed in, Governor Udom was not in no way deterred in delivering of democratic dividends to the people of the state. In all and through the hasty process of the tribunal, the Court Of Appeal and subsequent victory at the Supreme Court, he saw all the gimmicks as mere distraction aimed at derailing his target and focus in the provision of qualitative, sound and interest-yielding leadership to the people who overwhelmingly and massively voted him and endorsing the Divine Mandate structure.

This reputable gentleman of avowed charisma and splendid candour has continuously defined and anchored his administration on surpassing, superior performance; having no doubt that his administration will do better. In discharging his services to the state, the Governor has rolled out a five-point agenda with industrialization topping the preference scale. Industrialization is not really new, per se, but this is a renewed policy. We had industries that are moribund and we are like ‘enough of this civil service situation that we have found ourselves in’. Fortunately, we have had these super structures in terms of physical development; roads here and there to a greater extent. Why I am emphasizing so is because prior to now, it was difficult to bring in an investor into the hinterland – because the roads were not there. For now, numerous road networks are springing up, and with the available ones, it is easier for investors to now troop in and do business in the state.

Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom state, Mr. Udom Emmanuel

Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom state, Mr. Udom Emmanuel

As industrialization has assumed the front burner of Governor Udom’s administration, to some of us, it sounds new because government is now bringing it to the fore and main thrust of governance. From the numerous ground breakings and influx of investors, no one is in doubt that the administration means well when talking about industrialization. The Governor has limitless edge in delivering as a financial expert who has high connections in national, international and networking corporations. He has reengineered the internally generated revenue structure, for more revenue to be able to spring in. The drive for investors is preparing an enabling environment for the people to reposition and make available their expertise in rendering working services when the industries come into full operation.

Governor Udom Emmanuel foresees a greater future for the state, a greater number of youths have been sent to acquire skills in different areas of training, because we are not just going to bring in investors here, and Akwa Ibom people are left out of the entire equation. The Governor is ensuring that all the investors that have declared and sealed their contract with his administration, our people will be positioned to participate fully and that will ensure proper transfer of technology. In all his meetings and contact points with the people, Governor Udom has fully assured the people of this blessed state that the socio-economic models which were conceived and encapsulated in his campaign promises will remain in strict focus aiming to pursue its realization with every fibre of his being, and justify the confidence reposed in him by the people.

Akwa Ibom today is in full capacity, it is running in full speed. The Governor is involved in almost everything going on at the national level, and with the level of involvement in state affairs, it is obvious that the head way is clear to coast. The most glaring truth is that Udom Emmanuel cannot succeed alone. He needs the support of good thinking people, people who will be ready to set aside their individual differences and synergize on their common values, those values that have defined Akwa Ibom state as a forthright entity. Udom Emmanuel must aim beyond succeeding to raising people whose thoughts and patterns are vividly emblazoned within success matrix and sire the kind of timeless legacies conceived by our fore fathers and enviable idols.

Away from the election litigation imbroglio masterminded by the evil intent of those over the past sixteen years or more walked the corridors of power as if it was a family lineage and birthright. The moment the tides turned against them, they wailed blue murder and like a man who has fallen neck-deep into a bottomless pit, despising advice aimed to take an innocent person along side. Appreciating the Supreme God, their damaging thoughts and plots failed in totality because the overwhelming support enjoyed by Deacon Udom Emmanuel which led to his election and swearing in on May 29th 2015, as the fourth civilian Governor of the state, was not by happenstance. It was a result of the collective decision of majority of Akwa Ibom people on the 2015 governorship position in Akwa Ibom State.

The Udom Emmanuel administration is in a hurry not just to transform Akwa Ibom, but to take everyone as a whole to the next level which is economic emancipation. To crown it all, it is an excellent performance so far despite those eight months of surmountable hurdles. We came out finally, supremely victorious in battle. Let’s get down to business.

Pat Reuben is a Public Affairs Analyst, and writes in from Awantong, Etinan



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