Jude, Peter Okoye At War Over Management

All is not well between the P-Square half brother, Peter and his elder brother Jude Okoye.

With the ongoing news of management reschedule between the P-Square brothers, fans are beginning to wonder what might have actually transpired between the singers and their elder brother, Jude who dabbles as their manager.

The brothers have laboured for many years together and for the sudden change of management, such actions brings smiles on the face of Jude as he has stated that his brother Peter needs prayers.

Jude explained that Peter has been going through a lot lately and needs the prayers of everyone, while urging him (Peter) to also pray for himself as well.

Jude and Peter Okoye

Jude and Peter Okoye

According to him, “Abeg join us pray for him too. He’s been going through a lot lately. My brother please be prayerful. Only God can rescue you.”

The drama continues and it is trending massively on the social media handles. The P-Square brothers are not taking things easy with each other at all.

Peter has come out to declare the true P-Square but it seems his elder brother, Jude is not ready to take no for an answer.

Peter came out earlier to disclose that those making up P-Square were himself and his brother Paul, stating that there is management change but the heat got hotter when fans came for Peter as why he decided to make their issues public.

Today being Peter’s day with fans has given reasons why he came out public to call his brother. According to him, after a fan had made Wizkid as an example who never made noise about changing management, but Peter disclosed that he told him gently to step down as their manager but he refused, insisting that he must stay.

Defending why Wizkid never made noise about his new management, Peter said, “Because when he told them they left. But he (Jude) insisted he must remain. No Be By Force.”



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