Who Is Afraid Of Ekerete Udoh Et Al?

By Pat Reuben

“The parameter for measuring success in media management is the ‘end’. In this case, we have achieved our laid down ‘end’; winning both the battle and the war!” – Uwemedimoh Umanah

I knew it will come to a point of applying and soliciting for surrender when the APC both at the national and local level recruited monsters and every Tom, Dick and Harry privy to handle a smart phone employed and assigned to cook false stories, compile image assassination data, propaganda hype, smear campaigns, derogatory usage of words and casting aspersions on everyone they perceive as opposition especially members, leaders, hierarchy and stakeholders of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Nothing to them was sacred in all eight months of this venting display aimed at grabbing power by all means.

A case in study is the Akwa Ibom APC who for the last eight months in the history of election litigation tussle took the Governor Udom Emmanuel administration through the worst media war in election resolution battle.

What name did they (APC) not call him? From their myopic assumption that there is no Government in Akwa Ibom State, ‘The governor is a caretaker, transit, interregnum and unpopular in the state’, those clowns, aggrieved and satanic legions, bared all their poisonous fangs to demerit the hard-earned image and character of Governor Udom Emmanuel. With the confirmation and validation of the Divine Mandate overwhelmingly given him by his people and affirmed by the Supreme Court, these good-for-nothing goons are hiding their faces in shame. What goes around comes around, being at the hard knock receiving end today. They are busy crying wolf that the media aides of the governor have been given a sounding ultimatum to de-market their pay master, the ill-fated ambitious gubernatorial candidate of the APC whose desire to sit tight on the corridors of power as if life offers nothing else outside it. We all knew after the litigation process had been exhausted and victory crowned Governor Udom Emmanuel, whose passion to serve the state is on high steam, the wailing wailers will be up to yet another mischief. We are indeed equal to the task.

Imagine the likes of Iboro Otongaran, Etim Etime, Emmanuel Sam, Franklyn Isong, David Augustine, Inibehe Effiong (a Law-School experiment), to mention but a few – most of them directly benefited from the past government, eating mouth-fulls and regurgitating, after the manner went less on daily basis, threw uncanny tantrums to demean the Governor and in turn biting hard the fingers that fed them. Today most of them are already on the fast lane to crossover… (uwa afid)! We have seen and read their Greek packaged messages of felicitation to align with the victory of Governor Udom Emmanuel and are carefully scrutinizing them too as most of them lay claims to doing this through constant persuasion by those who backed their style and approach in romance with the system.

Mr. Ekerete Udoh, SSA to Governor Udom Emmanuel

Mr. Ekerete Udoh, SSA to Governor Udom Emmanuel

To me, this issue of responding to the ill-fated hypocritical pen-pushers should be buried by now. We have more important things to face than listen to those whose ego have been bruised by the victorious emergence of Governor Udom Emmanuel – a product and manifestation voted by the people, ordained by God and subsequently confirmed authentic by the Supreme Court. The wailing wailers don’t deserve no attention at all; they should be burying their nasty head and mechanically driven English composition in shame. As rightly pointed out, we’ve finally won both the battle and the war! They sure have failed woefully and now are scheming to cross over. Truth be told to these goofers, good bye to those unsound lies, views and smear campaigns against our boss, Governor Udom Emmanel. ‘And for your candid assimilation, the governor has fast-tracked his lofty vows and promises to the Akwa Ibom people while you are left behind to wallow in ignorance’.

I don’t give a damn what they think, feel or say about Governor Udom Emmanuel’s media team, but it is glaring as events unfold without blowing our trumpet that we have the best thoughtful professionals, and assemblage of fantastic persons of deep intellectual flourish in this country. It is an assemblage of the best minds in political communication and public image builders second to none. The Governor’s media team is a conglomerate of fantastic intellectuals with the capacity to efficiently drive projections and effectively manage government image. Opposition should be constructive and not destructive, as we are made to believe by certain political characters and pressmen who tend to engage in yellow journalism. And not also quantifying the venting disposition in criticism as adopted by the failed APC factional spokesman, Engr. Ita Awak.

If the team were of any mean genre, I am sure that the propaganda machinery of their ill-fated principal would have caused great damage in terms of government perception by the people when they wastefully painted this administration black. Of all the energy dissipated in the formulation of falsehood against the Governor, despite the conspiracy theory; there were individuals who chose the path of truth by joining us to uphold, propagate and disseminate the sermon of truth. The media team will spare nothing at ensuring that they do not insult the person of the Governor and walk away majestically nor get away with it. To us, the success of the Governor means more than the political appointment we are holding. Don’t expect us to sit, clap and applaud when you keep pouring insult, wild allegations and blackmail on Governor Udom Emmanuel.

SUBJECT IN VIEW: My reaction is to a story published by the Weekend Guide of Monday, February 9, 2016 entitled; “Udom’s CPS Ordered To Sustain Media Attack on Umana”, page 2. In that story, the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Mr. Ekerete Udoh was alleged to have been given a fresh task of sustaining a strong media war against Mr. Umana till the APC governorship candidate dissipates into political oblivion. It was further stated that to achieve this, the state government has made provision to pump in millions of naira on weekly basis to keep some newly established government sponsored newspapers like the Citizen, Global Pilot among others on newsstands with the aim of tarnishing the image of Umana Umana by churning out defaming pieces that will discredit him in the eyes of his supporters and admirers till he loses his support base.

The publication further delved deep according to their source that the CPS urgently conveyed a meeting with some government media appointees on a certain Monday and disclosed to them the task of killing Umana through the media.

SUBMISSION: The Senior Special Assistant/Chief Press Secretary to Governor Udom Emmanuel does not need any high profile command to do the needful. He knows his onions as the job demands. Vested and articulated to man the post in defense of his boss and his vibrant foot soldiers, the Governor’s media aides are combat-ready anytime, day, and moment and always to do the needful too. It is no question of who is given a fresh task of sustaining a media war. The fact remains and pointblank that in projecting and defending the governor against this smear campaigners, our thoughts and actions are always on a superior scorecard hence the wailing.

Let them note that we have since moved forward. The government of His Excellency Governor Udom Emmanuel has set the stage for the speedy industrialization of the state. With wide and open arms, we implore everyone to take advantage of this gesture by keying into the new Akwa Ibom project.

Pat Reuben is a Public Affairs Analyst; Writes in from Awantong, Etinan



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