Otuekong Sunny Jackson: When Elders Indulge In Lies

By Pat Reuben

I am as well drawn to a press release on a rebuttal by Otuekong Jackson, self-styled political leader of the APC in Akwa Ibom State entitled: “I have never congratulated Udom Emmanuel”. My view certainly is off the case of congratulating and not congratulating; after all, since the victory, substantiation and supreme validation of Governor Udom Emmanuel as the authentic and divine occupant of the Hilltop Mansion, which the opposition eight months ago had started to measure the drapes and colours of furniture in a wild dream adventure of winning a possible re-run. If we are to weigh and scale congratulatory messages and encomiums pouring in on Governor Udom Emmanuel, we may be thinking exporting those we can’t contend to further console the wailing defeat and failed grievous project of the APC to take over the reins of power through the back door.

Otuekong Sunny Jackson would have approached his denial without his usual smear, insult, name-calling and casting aspersion on the image of the Governor. We had thought this tactic of deviating from the subject matter and derailing to attack an individual had long been jettisoned by this proponents of failed change.

Mr. Otuekong Sunny Jackson

Mr. Otuekong Sunny Jackson

Rules of Engagement:
“I was arriving at the event at the time Udom Emmanuel, his deputy and other people in government were already seated. As soon as Mr. Emmanuel sighted me and Dr. Maurice Ebong coming into the venue, he, Mr. Emmanuel, rushed from where he was and came over to greet me”. Otuekong, as far as we all are aware of the protocol formation of official engagements of the Governor at state functions, there is no way the Governor will move beyond the parameter of his sitting towards you. I saw when you came in along with Dr. Maurice Ebong making a headway to exchange pleasantries with the Governor, but the protocol pulled you off and Ebong, sensing your motive, walked away. The feel of embarrassment is what the Governor saved you from, that is the reason he intervened for you to move ahead in warm embrace. If I were you, I would be dancing my heart out for the Governor accepting to draw near a leprous mind.

“He also invited me to lunch in government house which I declined”. Haba! Otuekong, when last did you attend a state function that you were a regular figure during the Senator Godswill Akpabio administration (then Governor)? The Governor never invited you; instead you knew where the workings end. No sane being dines with a devil without considering the option of a very long spoon.

Otuekong, you should have ended this trademark and culture of blasphemy and stop acting and playing God. If you are a man guided by the divine and spirit-filled approach of dealing with everyday life, such a remark like this footnote shouldn’t emanate from you:

“If Udom Emmanuel had won an election and a genuine court victory, he should go ahead and face the onerous task of improving the lives of Akwa Ibom people. That is what his “victory” is all about” he was not “elected” to spend time in office scouting for support to assuage a gnawing feeling of illegitimacy.”

Sir, this paragraph of your ill-conceived and grievous press release renders you in a basket of leaking ignorance. What could ascertain authenticity and scale of measuring legitimacy in all ramifications than a man who was massively and overwhelmingly elected by the good people of Akwa Ibom State on April 11, 2015, given a divine approval by god and subsequently upheld and validated by the Supreme Court of Nigeria on February 3rd, 2016 against all odds? Mr. Udom Emmanuel survived over eight months of election tussle litigation packaged with the worst smear campaign, blackmail, character devaluation and unfounded propaganda machinery ever in the political history of our clime. The victory, in the words of Bishop Oyedepo, is that of light over darkness, and that you have proven with this malicious press release.

As a statesman which you claim to be, your magnitude of lies and fabricated recall has gone to an extreme. Akwa Ibom State government has and will never issue a press statement as a broadcast that you Otuekong Sunny Jackson Udoh did congratulate Governor Udom Emmanuel on his well-deserved victory, which is far above human comprehension. A million of your congratulatory messages and sources related to you cannot add any value to the growing popularity of Governor Udom Emmanuel who at numerous fora has restated his readiness to build a state where everyone would be stakeholders and use the state’s resources to move Akwa Ibom and her endearing masses to a destination of choice. Not minding those like you who persecuted him all this while, for him to open his arms in warm embrace of you, he deserves applause. If it was the other way round as orchestrated by your campaign of hate, you wouldn’t be that magnanimous in victory. Reason we must checkmate the influx of these returnees to avoid diminishing political infiltrators and ‘’ashawo’ politicians’, who, like a pendulum, swing from left to right without gathering momentum.

Finally, you said; “I did not congratulate Udom Gabriel Emmanuel and will not do so”. You further claimed the handlers of Governor Udom Emmanuel are conflating an incidence that happened on Saturday at the funeral of Edet Akpan Archibong to suggest that you did congratulate the governor. Good, fine and well documented. You heard and came to pay your last respect for that great and illustrious son of our state assessing his worth and achievements especially in fostering the bond of our unity and togetherness. With this latest display of yours and flagrant disrespect to our constituted authority of the state, unlike the late Navy Captain Edet Akpan Archibong, what legacies will you leave behind?

Pat Reuben is a Public Affairs Analyst, writes in from Awantong-Etinan.



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