Udoh Ekwere: Tending, Nurturing And Watering Southern Iman 3 Political Structure

By Pat Reuben

There is certainly one thing that no one can take away from you and that is the essence of providence coupled with the manifestation and divine will powered by destiny. The best of step to take in attaining sustainable success is to keep on keeping on. The strength and doggedness garnished with resilience, dexterity and defined purpose in life in the face of struggles and hurdles for survival provides a beckon of hope in our collective pursuit. Most of us are equally weighed down, lose hope, confused and less encouraged in the face of life trials. Some of the nasty incidences and challenges are often naturally crafted to mould us into solid vessels and persons that would stand the test of time. Only few come to the realisation of forging ahead no matter the demeaning situations aimed at discouraging onward momentum. The power to resist, re-strategise and focus more on those inner embedded potentials determines the higher one can go.

Let’s unveil our brand, a gentleman who has seen it all, been there and done that. He has added much spice and steam to the growing and rapid trending political atmosphere of his clan. The community folks have come to the realisation that he has indeed landed the ground with impacting and development policies of late. Confessional testimonies evoking from current political gatherings of Iman extraction scores him above board.

Udoh Ekwere, SA to the Governor on Transport

Udoh Ekwere, SA to the Governor on Transport

This Automobile Engineer, Petroleum Marketer and Businessman of outstanding attributes is determined to redefine the culture of politicking and leadership in his clime. Indeed an avowed grass rooter, Udoh Ekwere is casted in the mould of a reformer and this triumphant entry into Iman Ibom politics is sure an added value and a rising profile. Currently, the Special Assistant to Gov. Udom Emmanuel on Transportation, Udoh Ekwere has proven himself a square peg in a square hole and sure the Governor is equally impressed with the strides, achievements and dedication to duties assigned to him. Call him the Governor’s right hand man, no regrets!

A breathe of fresh air has indeed breezed through South 3 in Etinan LGA. Coming into the scene with lofty ideas, philosophy and new ways of tackling political affronts, poised to change the tides to blend in a positive direction. His support and contribution to Gov. Udom Emmanuel administration is unquestionable and not in doubt.

He believes the Governor is the best bet for Akwa Ibom State at this point in time, taking into consideration the depleting economy and having the right man on ground to help salvage, manage prudently and equate the resources of state available.

Udoh Ekwere, before his appointment as the Governor’s Aide in charge of transport, was a Lagos-based Automobile Dealer, Petroleum Resource Person and ventured into purchases and general merchandise; a firm and distinguished businessman whose stock in trade paved way for his inclusion to serve his state in the aforementioned capacity; a referred and dedicated member of Qua Iboe Church – Nigeria. His appointment attracted a lot of commendations from Akwa Ibom community in Lagos including the church which he participated in all activities without reservations.

A man of only a wife and four lovely children, very happily married. Welcome on-board great Iman asset. The strides and success attained within the short period of entry into the political landscape of southern Iman 3 is sure an engraved indication that your footprints will last on the sands of time. The impact created so far is absolutely intimidating and you’ve possibly seen and prepared your mind towards sustaining the current tempo.

In all you’ve done, the signature and big picture concept of serving a superior performance boss is glaring. Governor Udom Emmanuel made the right choice and he will continue to ascend unlimited.

Pat Reuben is Personal Assistant to Gov. Udom Emmanuel (Media), writes in from Awantong – Etinan.



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