Gov. Emmanuel’s Easter Broadcast

Mr Udom Emmanuel, the Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom State

Mr Udom Emmanuel, the Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom State

Fellow Akwa Ibomites,

My wife, Her Excellency, Mrs. Martha Udom Emmanuel and I send you our Easter felicitations.

Easter represents a unique event in the Christendom: it is a period when our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ offered his life for the remission of our sins. It also represents victory over death, the resurrection and the immortality of those who live a Christ-Centric life of love, good neighbourliness, peace and malice towards none.

I want to use this opportunity to enjoin our people to show love to one another, to eschew tendencies that seek to divide us, to celebrate the goodness that is in us all, and to disavow and ignore the antics of those who may wish to create a wedge between brothers and sisters. We should reject the activities of those who may wish to exploit our vulnerabilities for their group’s narrow or personal interests.

Let us be united in the desire to move our dear State forward and to start a new conversation where the narrative would be that government alone cannot be the only source of growth and sustenance but that in line with the ‘Dakkada’ spirit, and with the enabling environment that my administration is determined to create, we can all rise in a critical mass and move ourselves to that tipping point of self-fulfilment, Let us collectively tap the talents which God Almighty has so generously embedded in all of us.

For almost ten months now, my administration has been dedicated to pursuing programs and policies that directly impact the people and improve their material circumstance. We have provided a number of quality of life programmes such as the improvement in electricity throughout our State. We have provided electricity to numerous communities that had not enjoyed electricity for more than a decade – communities in Okobo and Eastern Obolo among others.

While many States have not been able to pay the salaries of their workers for months, we have, in spite of the paucity of funds, kept our obligations to our workers. We are working hard to expedite the process of biometric capturing so we can eliminate ghost workers, and I want to appeal to those who are driving the process to expedite action and ensure full execution and no false inclusion. The free and compulsory education and free health care for babies up to five years, pregnant women and the aged remain our abiding articles of faith.

We have taken bold steps to diversify our economy and this can be seen through such projects as the cocoa maintenance scheme that we recently flagged off. There is no doubt that once these programmes take off, our people will experience economic renaissance.

We are continuing to equip our youths with the skills – set for the jobs of the Twenty First Century and this programme is on-going.

Numerous investors are trooping to the State to take advantage of our world class infrastructure. Our industrialization push remains on course and it won’t be long before our youths will be able to gain employment through some of the industries that will soon spring up.

Our dedication to the improvement of our infrastructure is on course and as most of you have seen, we are constructing numerous roads across the three Senatorial Districts, and these are all aimed at opening up more areas for economic development.

As we celebrate Easter, let the spirit of the season continue to shape and define our engagements with one another; let us continue to be hopeful, to be optimistic and to know that the challenges of today will become opportunities tomorrow. The Akwa Ibom Spirit is alive and well and God is on our side, and He will continue to guide and direct our steps as we work hard to lift our people and take them to the Promise Land. God bless Akwa Ibom State, God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and God bless us all!

Being text of Easter broadcast by His Excellency, Mr. Udom Emmanuel, Akwa Ibom State Governor on the occasion of Easter celebration in Uyo on Saturday, 26 March, 2016.



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