Mixed Reactions Over Murder Of 14-Year Old Boy In Hotel

Since the news of the murder of a 14-year old boy, Utibeabasi Imohowo, who was allegedly murdered in a hotel in Akwa Ibom State, was broken last week, Nigerians have taken to their different social network handles to express their opinions.

While some are calling for justice, others have a different view, blaming the parents of the young boy for be lackadaisical.

Read their reactions below:

The late Utibeabasi

The late Utibeabasi

Michael Effiom: History should be traced! Why should his parents have allowed a minor to go to a get together alone and in company of girls? A good foundation was not laid. May his soul rest in peace.

Vino Davis: This is no time for blame or judgement. What is wrong in teens who are friends going out together? What makes you think that the deceased did not obtain his parents consent before going out with his friends? Besides, the information here did not say that the other people were all girls as you try to insinuate here thereby painting the picture of the deceased being a wayward child and the parents as being irresponsible. The issue is simple. Why was nobody at the pool side to look after those swimming? That is the standard practice everywhere there is a swimming pool unless you are saying that you have not been to a public swimming pool before. Why where the 7 friends leaving without the deceased whom they came together with? Why did the 7 friends not raise alarm if their friend or anyone else for that matter was in danger at the pool? If not for the eagle-eyed and vigilant security staff at the gate, the 7 friends would have escaped unnoticed. Why is the pool attendant not in police detention to explain what he knows about the incidence? Why are the 7 friends not in a detention facility or remand home since they are minors until investigation is completed as this is a murder case. Why are the police not taking the case seriously? More questions than answers! I sympathise with the family of the deceased and wish this was a nightmare. Only justice can heal the wounds but the scar will remain forever!!

Marilyn Etuk Hrm: Why did the late boy accept meeting with them at the hotel, when he knew these kids were cultists? Seeing that they were all dressed in black, he still followed them. Was he hypnotized? If he was such a comely child, why couldn’t he inform his parents about this “get together”? A lot of questions?

Monday Udoh: RIP boy! You where not wrong to go with them, and you are right for not joining them.

Obong Martins Akpan: Where are the facts here? It might have been an accident? Have we considered the boy’s health status? Was he said to be a good swimmer? Please let be more factual here.

Una Bassey: God knows everything. I was not there, haven’t seen but God sees and knows. God is not a respecter of man no matter how a man is highly placed. The evil that men do lives with them. “Don’t be deceived, God is not mocked whatsoever a sow will he reap…” God is not a politician, favouritism is not in His agenda or dictionary. He fears no one.

John Philip: Well, children and their need to be with their friends that won’t have caused them to murder their friend as they claimed. The police should do their work and those boys should be sent to face the law. At this age they can kill, what will be of them when they grow old?

Eduemem Umana: When cultism becomes the order of the day for youths. Same thing happened to my cousin weeks ago. He was stabbed to death. His remains is still in the morgue because police has refused us of his body, claiming they are doing investigation. May God help us all. Rest in peace dear.

Otobong Willoby: This story is chilling. l can imagine what the parents are going through. Please parents protect your children.

Emi Mfon Buochuama: This is a very good lesson for us, the parents. Know the whereabouts of your children. At 14 and 16 they already know how to party and club while still in secondary school. They are not afraid of shading blood perhaps that’s what they have learnt from their parents. A pity upon a pity.

Glory Okon: There is no two ways about what is happening here before asking questions. Don’t forget that these children are trained. And all that happened was taken care of since before it even happened. All this revolves around the pool attendant, he should be questioned for this also. Whatever settlement that was made was between whoever is coaching those children and the attendant. It really touching, I pray God to give the family the fortitude to bear this loss.

Obong Martins Akpan: I actually will not want to use the word MURDER because these are minors. I know how you feel, but do you think the boy did not know them? Am sure they are friends, maybe he got drowned and these kids where scared. I believe the hotel should be held responsible. Where was the guard? Why leave minors on the pool alone? Why will the kids choose a public pool to kill if that was their motive. I think you need to relax, also take legal steps against the hotel, placing the kids on Facebook without concrete evidence may put you in further trouble if tomorrow they are innocent.

Ruby Ochoniya Aduku: Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins, lead all souls to heaven, especially those who have most need of Thy mercies. May the souls of the faithful departed through mercies of God, rest in perfect peace. It is well.

Mbono Ebito: Seven teenagers all dressed in black and having a so-called get-together at a hotel poolside and the hotel staff thought that was normal. And why would the friends not raise an alarm if they thought their friend was drowning. Instead they walked away. The very things we used to watch on CSI has crept into our backyard. I pray the truth be revealed and offenders punished.

Frank Palmer-Ikuku: It could have been anybody of any age. What we should insist is a proper investigation. Something is not right with this story.

Iboro Tonye-Edet: I feel if Utibeabasi’s alleged murderers are walking free, the hotel should be sealed until the perpetrators are arrested and justice served for the gruesome murder. Whatever power play the parents of these wicked kids think they know, they should think again. No be curse o, but their children if guilty and hiding will SURELY DIE a death worse than Utibeabasi. If he knew these so-called friends were going to harm him, do you think he would go willingly? Please let’s stop the blame game. I am a mother too & I can imagine the pain Utibeabasi’s mom is in. May God comfort the bereaved family.

Lilian Oby Ikemenogo Ario: It’s so sad. May all the culprits be judged accordingly. May God grant his gentle soul rest and console his family.

Patience Udokang: End time is so glaring! How can children of that age be so heartless? God help us and give us wisdom to train our children in the way they should go and preserve them when they are out there in this wild world.

Ope Wemi-jones: Unbelievable! What a wicked world. That is why I do not do sleep over nor drop my kids off in their friends’ place without an adult’s company. One does not really know who to trust. God help us.

Violet Olaitan Williams: The God of all earthly mothers will fight for the woman because losing a promising child is a bitter pill to swallow. Mary mother of our Saviour will console her, the blood of the innocent boy will haunt all those that are involved. My heart bleeds.

Mfonabasi Riccardo: What will Nigerian police do? Get a good lawyer if you have money and send them to court. The boy is gone. No tears will bring back his life. It’s so unfortunate secondary students involving in cultism.

Obim Mine: May the spirit of this young boy fight and torment everyone that was involved in his death. God does not sleep. He sees what us in hidden and open. If those children mentioned are truly involved, they and their entire family shall know no peace and happiness for the rest of their lives. God will fight our battle and will fight for his family.

Udeme Ekoriko Etibensi: It beats me hollow when I read some comments people come up here on social media to post. It’s bad enough that a couple just lost their 14 years of labor and investment in a split second and they are seriously in pains and grieving. Yet we have the perfect parents/parents to be reeling out child care 10 commandments here! How insensitive! Have we ever heard how parents have dotted all the “I”s and crossed their “T”s and still calamity struck? This could have happened to just anyone. I personally know the deceased’s parents and theirs is a very closely knitted, Godly and principled family. Many who know Arc Imowo Sampson and wife can attest to this truth. The crux of the matter here isn’t trading blames but unraveling the mysteries surrounding this early curtain drawn over such a promising rising star!

Please I advocate that we could be more guarded and a bit civil in here. RIP young man.

Vivienne Frank: I don’t know what to say. Am short of words. Children in “secondary school” cultists and the death of a promising young boy. It’s so heartbreaking because am a mother also. This is mothers’ nightmare. I pray that the boy in question is with the Lord and I pray for the souls of those young lads that could seem such a plot God please take control.

Blessing Uluocha: It’s quite a pity that this happened. May his soul rest in peace. My question is, why would this boy follow his friends in black without letting his people know? I want to use this medium to advise our parents to try and always monitor what their kids do. To the kids, be mindful of what you do and the kind of friends you keep. So painful a death.

Cynthia Henshaw: Is this a story for a movie or what? Children that young murdering another child so heartlessly and without conscience? What’s happening? What sort of parents are these? What injustice? Lord have mercy! May his soul rest in peace. My heartfelt condolence to his parents, his family particularly his mum. How sad. Am so sorry.

Tony Prince Echeme: Sometimes am angry with some sections of 1999 Constitution which is only operational when it has to do with some class. The minority is a times left without justice. I hate to hear more when it talks about EQUALITY BEFORE THE LAW. Sincerely it’s hard to believe Equality before the law in this country. That boy is a citizen of this country. Section 33 of 1999 Constitution says ‘No one has right to take another persons life intentionally expect in the process of a court of law over a crime’. Now his life has been taken, can the law take its effect on the culprit? Why wouldn’t Equality before the law be applied now? The police must do their job. Law without justice is mockery. PEOPLE MUST SPEAK OUT. No one is above the law. It’s not enough to investigate this matter but the force of law must be applied. My condolence!

Metsese Ayonmitsigbesimi Faith: The battle is of the Lord. God will expose all of them in Jesus name. The children will not go unpunished, their parents will be disgraced too in Jesus name.

Divine Joseph: My pastor once preached or told us of the same experience where underage boys and children of the so-called prominent men would check in to hotels to get themselves initiated and also sleep with older women. What’s going on? What are parents doing? Putting more effort and interest in making money and forgetting their responsibilities to their kids as parents? Spend more time with your kids, make them your friends and inculcate the fear of God in them. It’s not all about taking them to church! It goes beyond that! My heart is broken! A handsome boy with a promising destiny! His mother’s pride! Well may his soul rest in peace!

Edidiong Ukott: Sometimes the way I see children behave these days, I wonder if I wasn’t a child myself. The rate at which children are corrupted is disheartening. It has happened, it has happened. Parents please know your children’s friends and watch them closely. All the same, my dear Utibe I pray that the heavens console your family and bring your murderer to book.

Onwuchekwa Yvonne Chinyere: This is really sad. To think of what and how other people’s children who where born innocent grow up to turn to devil’s agents is alarming! Why would such children behave in this manner and why would the authorities treat such a thing mildly? It is sad but only God will continue to be the judge of us all! Rest in peace my dear boy and may God console your family.

Rosemary Onyinyechukwu: What an angel! Please parents should be on the lookout of their kids’ friends and where they are going to. As for me, they are cult kids and I pity their parents because one of the seven would die soon or later then they will understand the pain.

Prince Denilson Uwadiae: My heart gripped with horror, even as tears threatened to roll down from my eyes while reading this unsavoury story. One thing has remained constant in this cruel and heartless world, which is God above all flesh! God has taken up this issue by Himself. Nothing can cover these perpetrators.

It could be recalled that the late Utibeabasi Imohowo, was said to have been lured by seven of his friends aging between 14 and 16 years, to Pinnacle Hotels situated at Edet Akpan Avenue, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, where he was reportedly murdered.

According to a reliable source, the suspects, including a girl, all dressed in black, had lured the late deceased to the hotel under the pretence of a get-together only for him to be left dead in the pool.


3 thoughts on “Mixed Reactions Over Murder Of 14-Year Old Boy In Hotel

  1. These are the killers of Utibeabasi Imowo Sampson.

    1 Akpaniko Okon James
    2 Toroabasi Effiong oku-usen
    3 Abasiama John Okon
    4 Blossom Peter Essoh
    5 Miss. Golda Precious Inwang
    6 David Effiong Etukudoh
    7 Samuel Donatus Udah

  2. Utibeabasi was creusomely murdered. Utibe did not go to swim. Auotopsy report reveals, and the confession of one of the killers.

  3. I am very saddened to read most of the comments here..At least,I’m friends with a sibling of the deceased and in fact,I know the boy too..The boy was gruesomely murdered by kids from his school..I mean,you classmates say they’re having a get together,you’re invited,common,you’ll want to be there..Kid obtains permission from his parents,he goes there…The swimming pool attendant should be in police net because he ought to be present at his duty post or he might as well been there but the hooligans paid him to look the other way or get the hell out of there.When they were about leaving,the security asked them for the 8th person and they laughed and said he must still be in the swimming pool…What does that entell?? X factor??Pranks??.Think out of the box people,these kids are killers…Personally,I wouldn’t even involve the police since they aren’t taking it serious…I’ll hire hitmen and they’ll take the kids out…


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