Meet The New Face Of Project Monitoring Uduak Markey Usen

By Atuekong Paul Bassey

The founder of Hadassah Initiative, a non-profit organization aimed at encouraging and inspiring young women into active participation in politics, a graduate of Accounting, Mrs. Uduak Markey Usen, is the emerging face of Project monitoring in Akwa Ibom State.

Uduak Markey Usen

Uduak Markey Usen

During a chat with this reporter, Mrs. Usen, who is the Special Assistant to the Governor on Project Monitoring, rolled out innovative ideas she intends to implement in order that her latest political office responsibility may function to a standard of global best practices in project monitoring.

According to her, “Our world is now ruled by innovative ideas, I will make sure every job awarded by the State Government to contractors must be probably valued, standardized and imbued on due process for good quality delivery.

‘I will ensure compliance with building codes, ordinances, regulations, policies and procedures, likewise inspect completed projects for accuracy, completeness and compliance with established contracts standards and specifications.”

The Nsit Atai-born politician also recalled on her activeness during electioneering campaigns that produced Governor Udom Emmanuel as the fourth elected Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom state through her political Initiative that was able to mobilize young women across the entire state to support the Governor based on his proven managerial integrity and scorecards.

When asked what attracted her to politics, she said; “The ratio at which young educated and exposed women participate in politics is at zero percent, so in order to find a lasting solution to all our political challenges, it became very imperative for me to mobilize other young women to join and contribute their wealth of experience towards realizing our desired change in our country and not just to sit and blame our leaders.”

She also lauded the efforts of the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Technical Matters and Due Process, Engr. Ufot Ebong for making sure all awarded contracts meet specified agreed standards.

She hinted that once the awarded roads are commissioned, they will open up the entire State to investors seeking to invest in the State’s economic endowments which will lead to creation of wealth and employment opportunities.



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