Gov. Udom’s 1st Year Aniversary: A’Ibom Witnessing Silent Transformation, Says Uko Umoh

Uko Umoh, Special Assistant to Governor Udom Emmanuel on Local Media

Uko Umoh, Special Assistant to Governor Udom Emmanuel on Local Media

Today Sunday, 8 May, 2016, yours truly woke up with the usual Sunday domestic routine of getting my folks ready ahead of the Lord’s House after a hectic working week (utom idung). An after service thought of going through the dailies struck and this is what I don’t do unless am savoring the calm and serene ambience of my office at the Government House Press Center. And behold I stumbled on the Sunday Edition of New Telegragh, Page 26, a stunning moment I got. I love and appreciate good things especially when it comes from my hood.

It dawned on me that Gov. Udom Emmanuel made no mistake in his choices so far as he prepares to make one full impacting administration since assumption of office on May 29’2015.

Here, Tony Anichebe, a frontline National Correspondent with the aforementioned National Daily engaged the Special Assistant to Governor Udom Emmanuel on Local Media -Ambassador Uko Umoh on critical media issues of late and equally in recap of the one year anniversary in focus in just a fortnight.

Uko in this no holds back interaction x-rays the Gov. Udom Emmanuel administration in this first year leadership sojourn like never before.Uko emphasized that even with the dwindling economy and cash crunch coupled with less implementation of the Federal Government policy blueprint on the way forward for this administration, the Governor is not deterred on his set agenda towards the growth, development and industrialization bedrock he promised Akwaibomites.

“Government is about planning. Anyone who doesn’t plan is planning to fail. This government is embedded with planners, thinkers and dreamers. The Governor cannot just keep emphasizing and talking about industries, I believe he has balanced the economy and policies. If you listen to the slogan of the Governor, it was consolidation of infrastructural sector. Everything will be done side by side”, Umoh thunderd.

In pursuit and actualization of his policies, Uko Umoh ascertain that the Governor has milk of human kindness in him, a large heart and accommodating spirit. He noted that Gov. Udom Emmanuel is passionate, he knows for you to have one thousand workers, you have to train two thousand. And to him that is the real beginning of industrialization. He believes the Governor has foresight of an Akwaibom where every hardworking young man will be placed on merit value.

On the projection of the state in the next eight years, Uko laid this facts bare…

“The industrialization policy of the state is a clear case of a government that wants to create wealth not minding the limited resources of state at this point in time. The wealth creation initiative is anchored on industrialization and creating economic partnerships. And this is ongoing. We have the groundbreaking of several life touching projects and road construction/rehabilitation on the spring at every nooks and corners of the state. Akwaibom will indeed become an industrial hub in the gulf of Guinea by the time the Ibaka Deep Seaport commence operation”

Uko Umoh poured encomiums on the impact of the Udom Emmanuel led administration on youth empowerment and development thus; “Quite exceptional, he is one man that came to governance fully prepared; I keep on emphasizing that this is one man the state needed at a time like this. He came in with credible credentials owing to his background and in-depth knowledge in managing global financial affairs and sustaining a corporate natured leadership. The Governor is trying to close skill gaps between Akwaibom children and others and strengthen capacity that will make them independent and self-reliance. More than 1000 of them were trained in Oracle technology. And you know about the youths who went for training in Israel, more than one hundred if them. We have others trained in photography and film production; it’s endless “.

In a general view,Uko is in tune that he has performed exceptionally well perhaps beyond the imagination of critics who felt aggrieved with his emergence as Governor. I believe in all AkwaIbom will reap the benefit for making the right choice.

END NOTE :Just few days back, Uko hosted journalists to a gala where several working gadgets and tools were distributed to state based media houses. He emphasized on what prompted this gesture.

“Well, I did conceive that gesture as a way of encouraging the local media here to perform optimally, I had been chairman of what we know here as League of Publishers and i fully understand the plight of the state-based media houses. Fortunately too we have a governor today whose interest in ensuring that the media performs their constitutional duties well is legendary. What you saw that day was just the beginning of the many good packages geared towards improving the efficiency of information dissemination in the state through our local media houses whether government or privately owned”.

In all, this initiative has proven beyond reasonable doubt that the Governor’s media team is sojourning beyond our immediate clime and projecting the Boss in national and global glare.

Thumbs up Uko Umoh…. sail on!



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