1st Year In Office: Gov Emmanuel Gets Appraised

By Uduak Umo

As part of appraisal for Governor Udom Emmanuel’s 1st year in office, the media community in Akwa Ibom State began a tour with the Akwa Ibom Commissioner of Works, Akparawa Ephraim Inyang-Eyen, for a first hand view of infrastructural development in places that had little or no Government attention in past administrations.

The first port of call was Oron, where emergency intervention works were done in parts of the town; the first project embarked upon by the Governor’s administration. Streets like Mainland, Anwana Esin, Effiat lane, Post Office, Bassey lane, Market road and Uyaoro junction were inspected; and the region had been turned around totally, according to residents of the town. (Picture attached shows before and after).

Mkpok-Ukat road that terminates at a swampy river beach in Onna was also inspected, along with the spur. The project, handled by Hensek Integrated services, is at an advanced stage. According to the contractor, it will be ready for commissioning by Tuesday.

The train moved to inspect a neatly done job at Awa Iman. The contractor VKS, shown in a group photo here attached, were very proud to receive the delegation, taking time to show them through details of the project, as workers applied finishing touches in preparation for next week’s commissioning.

The paramount ruler of Ibiono spared no words in praising the administration of Deacon Udom Emmanuel as he received the delegation as they stopped by having inspected the Ikot Udom road, with a 15m span bridge. Said he (transcribed);

“When the Governor promised us to build this road during his campaign, I told him we were tired of hearing such promises. But God has blessed his heart to do this for us. There is no road that is as beautiful as this one, I dare to say.

“I pray for him that what he has done for me, he will be able to do for others. By the time he is done, Akwa Ibom will be a heaven for all Nigerians.

“People said this was ‘the way of the wicked’, but that tag has changed now. Please take my gratitude to him.”

Ikot Udom Road

Ikot Udom Road, Ibiono Ibom LGA

For Information Drive in Uyo, where the Media and PR community have their headquarters in Akwa Ibom, there has been a remarkable transformation as witnessed and observed by the inspection delegation. The road had been part of the budget of 3 successive administrations, but remained undone. The media practitioners present during the inspection tour, led by the NUJ chairman of the state, expressed amazement that in the first year of Udom Emmanuel, what had become the unbelievable, has become reality.

Information Drive, IBB Avenue

Information Drive, IBB Avenue

The internal roads and Building blocks at Cornelia Connelly College in Uyo were the next stop. The contractor promised to deliver the project before Tuesday.

Cornelia Connelly College road

Cornelia Connelly College road

The Commissioner of Word, Mr Ephraim explained the reason for the media tour, stressing that that his ministry has decided to uphold the principle of transparency; so that every promise of the Udom-led administration will be seen to have been delivered to the Akwa Ibom people. Said he;

“His Excellency the Governor will not be part of any scheme to deceive Akwa Ibom people. I brought you here to see things for yourselves, and report same to our people.

Awa Iman road

Awa Iman road

The Commissioner, meanwhile, took time to commend the efforts of the indigenous contractors who have handled most of these jobs, mostly going beyond the bounds of available funding to execute the projects. He had special praise for Benest, Seyang, Verini and Seyang, assuring them of working with them in the future.



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