Ita Awak Suffering Schizophrenia, Needs Psychological Treatment

A Crisis Communications Expert, Mr Uwemedimoh Umanah, has warned the Akwa Ibom Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Mr. Ita Awak, to stop insulting the intelligence of Akwa Ibom people through his psychotic disposition to public deception.

Mr. Umanah, who is also a Media Aide to the Akwa Ibom State Governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel, observed that it takes a man who is suffering some form of Schizophrenia to act and speak irrationally, without proper mental coordination and lacking attention to records of history.

Mr. Ita Awak

Mr. Ita Awak

“A cursory observation of recent remarks by Mr. Awak seems to suggest that the APC chieftain does require medical examination.” Mr. Umanah said in an interview with select media professionals in Uyo on Monday.

“Most of the claims of Ita Awak on Governance in Akwa Ibom State have been nothing but bizarre. With due respect to him as a politician in Akwa Ibom, I sincerely think that he must not keep up with these malicious verbal attacks on the person of the Governor and the PDP. He is taking politics too far calling his perceived political rivals unprinted names, calumniating innocent people, reasoning and speaking irrationally. Most of his stated facts are established incorrect, showing a deep-seated condition of dementia. You see these things smack of schizophrenia.

Mr Umanah wondered why Mr Ita Awak would allege over the radio that the elections of April 2015 were doctored; “When the APC had no structures in Akwa Ibom, how would the elections have to be rigged? Was the rerun elections of March 2016, conducted in 5 state constituencies, also doctored? I mean the APC could not win in even one clear ward. That alone underscores the fact that Mr. Ita Awak has a mental disconnect with the most recent history”.

Mr Umanah described Ita Awak as a master of primitive subterfuge for misrepresenting the APC government’s abysmally poor performance as achievements. “In heaven’s name how could you borrow over 39 percent to fund your budget, yet brag about awarding contracts for the construction of Calabar-Odukpani road? Isn’t that madness, whereas greater feats have been recorded in the state with little or no noise?”, Mr Umanah asked.

“The achievements of Governor Udom Emmanuel are not a matter of propaganda. He has exceeded the people’s expectation of him in 365 days of his administration, just as he promised. These things are there for all to see; the roads, the hatchery, the sports complex, improved electricity supply, the budding industries and the revamped ones. A man in his right frame of mind cannot possibly deny the tangibility of these projects.”

“In the mean time, so much is going on behind the scenes to make sure that by 2017, other projects he has promised the people come to fruition. The fact that these achievements are taking place under an APC-led Federal Government that is practically taking the nation backward, should be the focus of anyone who loves this state”. He added.

“The APC by now should be considering sponsoring Mr Ita Awak to a Psychologist for treatment, in my humble opinion.” Mr Umanah observed.



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