AKWA AWARDS 2016: A Laughable Outing, Fraud Unlimited

Good-thinking and concept well embraced but turned sour…

At the inception and embryo stage of the aforementioned award, it became quite obvious that the organisers were far off the premium, reaching point and standard obtained in organising such magnitude of ceremony.

Reactions from those who followed every step, moves and activities of the awards revealed amateurs and young men who were on a mission and quest to fill their pockets in disguise for the awards.

From one office to the other, persons, politicians and government appointees they went cap in hand. The result of such actions and desperado approach is a clear manifestation of what happened on Friday night, 17 June, 2016 where they defied the laid down regulations, ethics, award categorisation, guidelines and code of conduct for the awardees.

In a bit to please who pays the piper, they goofed all round and made an entire mess of what seemingly could have been a defining order for them. Greed and the quest to gather and mob so much money within the period of planning for the event superseded the initial determination of members to organising an event devoid of large scale fraud and being partial in judgement. Little wonder, a chunk of members defected in the early days of the package.

Too many flaws walloped the ceremony, for how on earth Akwa Ibom Broadcasting Corporation (AKBC) emerged THE BEST RADIO STATION OF THE YEAR when you’ve got the likes of Inspiration FM 105.9 and Planet FM 101.1 doing tremendously well in just a little duration of existence in the state?

So many award recipients got awarded for little or no contribution to the upliftment of society. Where then lies the need for the voting process earlier adopted as a guide to emerging awardees?

Besides the Award categories that had voting guidelines and measures to determine the authentic winners on each spelt out status. One must commend the complementary Excellence Award Initiative of the organisers, at least it made real their self-evaluation of who emerges as a team choice. But tampering with the voting process which accompanied the rest of the categories is what is spelling doom, smearing the integrity and soiling the hands of the organisers and above all, a show of compromise due to hasty financial inducement from those who believed in purchasing the awards. And thus AKWA AWARDS 2016 was placed on sale.

As the ceremony came to an end a few days back, revelations, data and statistics of categories strictly placed on voting strength are emerging as an indictment to fraudulent doling out of awards to undeserved persons.

A peep into the HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY MAN OF THE YEAR has the following voting statistics:

As at May 23, 2016
NOMINEES                                         VOTING CODES                    SCORES
Hon. Usoro Akpanusoh                         0207                                      478
Hon. Prince Idongesit Ituen                   0204                                      1,243
Hon. Essien Nse                                  0206                                      640
Hon. Mark Esset                                  –                                            –

As at June 6, 2016
Hon. Usoro Akpanusoh                         0201                                      624
Hon. Prince Idongesit Ituen                   0204                                      2,680
Hon. Essien Nse                                  0206                                      940
Hon. Mark Esset                                  0207                                      862

As at June 12, 2016
Hon. Usoro Akpanusoh                         0201                                      692
Hon. Prince Idongesit Ituen                   0204                                      2,831
Hon. Essien Nse                                  0206                                      1,233
Hon. Mark Esset                                  0207                                      932

Records, data and statistics don’t lie. This is just an insight overview of more facts of fraud emerging from AKWA AWARDS 2016 in other categories when the organisers bluntly refused to adhere to the voting results but rather chose to adopt selfish, greedy and cheap dimension on who emerged the winners as a result of suiting the highest bidder. What a shame!

There is every need to question the integrity of the organisers and demand that they publish all voting scores of each of the categories outlined to go through the process of voting, if at all they aren’t compromised. In all certainty, the outcome will remain a shocker to the public as they tampered with the actual will of the people in preference to greedy manipulations of figures.

Time to speak out, act and exonerate themselves for posterity is now as the award gets messier.



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