Supreme Court Strikes Out Abortion Restriction

imagesThe Supreme Court on Monday ruled in favour of abortion rights groups, striking down a law that imposed restrictions on abortion providers in the state that forced the vast majority of clinics to close.

The 5-3 ruling in Whole Woman’s Health vs Hellerstedt is a major win for abortion rights groups. It ruled that the Texas law, called HB2, imposed an “undue burden” on women seeking abortions in the state.

It’s getting busier. Demonstrators are up to the edge of the sidewalk, causing people to walk in the street.

HB2 created stricter standards both for doctors performing the procedure and the clinics that offer abortions, and ultimately shuttered three-quarters of the state’s abortion clinics.

Abortion rights groups said the law was specifically written to shutter clinics and thwart women’s access to obtain a legal abortion, a right granted by the landmark Roe v. Wade case.

The state department of health, led by John Hellerstedt, said the law was intended to protect women’s safety when seeking an abortion.



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