Gov. Emmanuel’s Media Aides Task Presenters On Objectivity In Broadcasting

Gov Udom Emmanuel's Media Aides in a chat with Inspiration 105.9 FM MD

Gov Udom Emmanuel’s Media Aides in a chat with Inspiration 105.9 FM MD, Mr Samuel Akpan 

By Umoh-Obong Kingsley

Media aides to the Akwa Ibom State Governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel, have charged both television and radio presenters in the state to be objective in their broadcast.

In a familiarisation visit to the newly berthed Inspiration 105.9 FM, on Friday, the media aides said that the proper confidence of the listener is gained when programmes are produced for the general interest and wellbeing of the society.

The team which included Mr Essien Ndueso and Mr Uwemedimo Umanah both Special Assistant to the Governor on Media; Mrs Meflyn Anwana, Special Assistant to the Governor on New Media and Mr Joseph Okon, Special Assistant to the Governor on Grassroots Reorientation.

Mr. Essien Ndueso said that the aim of the visit was to cement a relationship and partnership with the electronic media in line with Governor Emmanuel’s posture to encourage those who bring in investment, opportunities, and projects that have to do with the development of the state.

He advised that presenters in the electronic medium would key into the developmental agenda of Gov. Emmanuel and support him in his bid to move Akwa Ibom State to the next level.

Mr Samuel Akpan, MD, Inspiration 105.9 FM (2nd left); Mr Uwemedimoh Umanah (3rd left); Mrs Meflyn Anwana (middle); Mr Essien Ndueso (3rd right) and Mr Joseph Okon (2nd right) at the studio

Mr Samuel Akpan, MD, Inspiration 105.9 FM (2nd left); Mr Uwemedimoh Umanah (3rd left); Mrs Meflyn Anwana (middle); Mr Essien Ndueso (3rd right) and Mr Joseph Okon (2nd right) at the studio

According to him, “The Governor is development-minded. He loves development and that is his wish for Akwa Ibom people, and that is what the people saw in him before they went en-mass to vote for him on April 11, 2015.

“Since May 29, 2015 when Mr. Udom Emmanuel was sworn-in as Governor, he has not relented despite the decline in the economic fortunes of the country, he has made sure that he remains upbeat and undaunted in delivering superior performance and industrialising the state, which has made Akwa Ibom State one of the fastest growing economies in the country.”

Mr. Uwemedimoh Umanah, on his part, urged presenters to focus on the viable and salient aspects of development that has brought about positive turn-around in the society, saying that the government of Governor Udom Emmanuel means well for the people.

“This is the only state in Nigeria that has taken development seriously and comprehensively. By the time you focus on objectivity, you will discover that your station stands the test of time.

“I’m not saying the station should be unnecessarily pro-government, but some level of objectivity and key into creating structural agenda and key into the vision of the government which is developmental in nature.”

Also speaking, Mrs. Meflyn Anwana, urged Inspiration FM to pay more attention on the youths and to incorporate young people with young might who are very talented.

“We have young people who have been able to stand up on their own in line with the Dakkada philosophy of the Governor. We also have an active network of media practitioners in Akwa Ibom State. We have professionals not those who are just trying to do something. I believe Inspiration FM will also look into inspiring some of our youths who are talented and engage them proficiently in the global space

Lending his voice, Joseph Okon was upbeat that with posture of the station, it would be easy to access for sensitization programmes for grassroots awareness to be propelled.

IMG-20160702-WA0014In his reaction, the General Manager of Inspiration FM, Mr. Samuel Akpan, reassured of partnership with the developmental agenda of Governor Udom Emmanuel in line with the Dakkada philosophy.

He said: “First of all I want to thank you for finding time to stop by here. We have taken time to look around the state, having heard much about the Dakkada philosophy of Governor Udom Emmanuel, and we have decided to partner in the developmental agenda.

“We are not a political station. We don’t take sides with any political party, once your programmes are okay and people-oriented, we will support it. There is no way we can work against your programme especially when it is people-oriented, and for further development of Akwa Ibom State,” Mr. Samuel noted.

“If you hear anything that you are not comfortable with, be free to call on us to air your view and we will see how we can help you clarify the issue from your own perspective, because we don’t have any secret agenda. Our agenda is to make Akwa Ibom enjoy the kind of quality broadcast that others are enjoying in Lagos and Abuja.

“Inspiration FM, as the name implies, sends a lot of messages. We are indeed an inspirational station. We want to inspire the entire state. When you talk of Inspiration, we are tagged as No 1 Family Station in Nigeria,” he stated further.

Mr. Samuel further explained: “I attended a function last Friday with a couple of my colleagues and I sat back to watch what I saw – Akwa Ibom Talents – and at the end of the day, I remembered I had a meeting with a couple of them where I told them that I was surprised that the state has such talents and they are not heard outside. I assured them that we will support and encourage them through our media network.

“If people in other states could make it to limelight, why can’t our people also be famous? The likes of Ali Baba and others started from somewhere. If they didn’t get the kind of encouragement they got from where they started, they wouldn’t get to where they are today.”

“This is another platform that we have to propagate the gospel of His Excellency, letting people know about what the government is doing for them.

“It’s only a foolish man that will see a positive action and wants to kick against it. If the Governor has said he wants to encourage development or industrialise the state, it is to our benefit. If we have industries all over the state, we will not be depending on government. More businesses will definitely come in for us,” Akpan added.



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