2019 A Walkover As The Dakkada Train Is Moving Fast

Dakkada Creed

Dakkada Creed

By Micheal Joseph Okon

The political tussle that led to the emergence of Deacon Udom Emmanuel as the Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom State in 2015 shall be no tussle at all come 2019. It’s quite abnormal to feel a complete sense of peace strolling along the streets of Uyo as compared to recent pasts. The animosity and occasional madness usually displayed seem to have vacillated as God lavishly gives Mr Right peace within and without the State as He did in the days of King Solomon of Bible history.

The Dakkada philosophy, which initially, was treated with levity by some Akwa Ibomites has come to stay. Only an angry and a frustrated mind would be living in doubts. But listening to Governor Udom Emmanuel explain the processes of his lofty ideas for the good people of Akwa Ibom State, one could easily yield and succumb to a superior idea of Industrialisation.

If we will not thank Udom Emmanuel for anything, we must thank him for the “I can do” ideology embedded in the Dakkada Philosophy which drives the lazy out of bed in the morning and keeps many burn the mid night candle just to make a difference.

History has it that Tough Times are the best of Times when Legends, greatness and Global Influencers are birthed.

It’s common place to see the hitherto helpless folks amongst us dare the impossible, start ups are springing up where the excuse of No Capital used to reign. It’s no more a thing of pride to go cap in hand seeking for hand me down anything from some rich men or women rather there existed this sense of shame and degradation when one subjects self to begging for a living instead of earning a living with dignity.

Certainly, some of us will find it extremely difficult to come out of the penury that the society somewhat has programmed not a few to stew in while blaming the government of doing nothing tangible to alleviate the present predicament.

The truth be told, the poor amongst us are desirous of leverages as spring board to Rising from Minus Zero Level to a point were life becomes a plus also, yet the best leverage one could ever have is unwavering desire to die trying rather than do nothing because we believe the society owes us.

Recently, Akwa Ibom State Youths met under the auspices of Coalition Of Youth Leaders (CYL), deliberating on so many issues that bother on the welfare of the common Akwa Ibom person on the street. These are tough Times and dwelling on the Toughness of the Times could get one loosening some mental nuts without knowing because the enormity of concerns that seems to defy common grounds of survival.

In feeling the plights of the generality of the typical Akwa Ibom sons and daughters who are not capable of acquiring daily balanced meal nor the average comforts of life, it’s possible to pass the bulk and transfer aggressions of such anguish on the government, yet delving fully into consciousness of rising to greatness while creating an environment of deep thoughts could spring surprises that often turns little shots into big shots because they kept shooting despite the odds mounting up against anyone who wishes to raise above common comfort zones.

The Governor Udom Emmanuel brand (Dakkada) could be likened to the mother eagle shattering her nest so the eaglets become uncomfortable and seek new frontiers. One could liken the dakkada philosophy to the stringent discipline a father must, of a necessity, met on his son he loves so that he could be useful and productive to himself and the society in the long run.

To my brothers and sisters both in CYL/FOUE and the state who think joining the All Progressives Congress (APC) will fulfill and placate their frustration and disappointment in being excluded either by omission or commission from trainings, appointments, micro loans, etc, please have a rethink, because Akwa Ibomites have bought deeply into this philosophy and will vote massively for Mr Udom Emmanuel come 2019.

The Dakkada philosophy is working for many as Poultry farms are springing up, graduates have gone to the farm to create meaning for themselves, proprietors of private schools are on the go, businesses are striving because this is no season to wait for help rather become the Help you desperately need.

Micheal is Int’l President, Coalition Of Youth Leaders (CYL) in Akwa Ibom State.



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