Nice Guys Have More Sex Than Bad Ones –Research

images (1)According to a recent study published in the British Journal of Psychology, there is a direct link between altruism and sex. This means that nice people get more sex than those who behave badly.

The study involved 192 women and 105 men. They were asked what nice things they did – things like how often they donated blood, whether they give money to charity and lots more.

They then reported on their sexual histories. In comparing the participants’ responses and their sex lives, researchers found that people who scored higher on the altruism survey were likely to have had more sexual partners.

Perhaps one is wondering if the people in this study could have been exaggerating, those who conducted the study were clever enough and took socially desirable responses into consideration and still ended up with the same results.

Either way, if one is rewarded with more sex for being nice, which is more desirable?

It’s good to be nice!



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