IPU Global Executives Visit Governor Emmanuel

Akwa Ibom State Governor, Mr Udom Emmanuel (middle), flanked by Executive members of the Ibibio People's Union during the visit

Akwa Ibom State Governor, Mr Udom Emmanuel (middle), flanked by Executive members of the Ibibio People’s Union during the visit

There is nothing attractive or unattractive until you create these qualities into it.

When you promote and cherish what you have, it becomes attractive to you and even to others. Akwa Ibom traditional wears are the most significant in history right from the formation of the world.

The first attire that adam and eve adopted was a wrapper. There was no coat, no trouser, no buba, no agbada, and no babariga then. This also explains why the scottish still adopt skirts as their traditional wears and Ghanaian still use wrapper as their native wears. Most African countries use wrapper as their traditional wears. If wrappers are ugly, why are our women still wearing and valuing them so much?

A black child once complained to his father that his white classmates are laughing at his name and that he wants to change it. The father ask him, ‘is Obama a sweet name, and the boy said yes; is Olajuwon a sweet name, he equally answered yes, and the father continued to mention the names of several other celebrities including the most difficult to pronounce names and the boy still answered yes……’ And the father told his son to go to school and create his own name as others have done.

A lawn tennis racket in my own hand is useless but the one in Serena’s hand is worth millions of dollars. A football in my house is useless but the one in Merci’s home is sort-after by the world. Whatever I wear is a dress, but what celebrity and models wear are fashions.

People copy Yoruba and hausa dresses not because they are that beautiful but because those wearing it have some intrinsic attractions. It is these intrinsic attractions that make us to want to copy them so that we can have a sense of belonging. For instance, the Yorubas are highly educated people, they occupy top notches in industries and have the naira power. They had the ‘first’ capital of Nigeria and they are very wealthy and flamboyant. They are respectful and humble, even when at enmity with you. They love and help each other. Because of all these characteristics, people are bound to see what they wear or do as the best and sound idea.

The hausas on the other hand are the political leaders of this country from inception. They have unrestricted access to oil blocks and oil monies. When they speak their voices are louder than any other person else. Again they are humble and respectful, (except when the evil spirit of Jihad overwhelm them). They love themselves and what they have.
When you talk of multi-billionaires, count on the Hausas and the Yorubas.

These are the basic intrinsic qualities that automatically attracts the’less privileged’ to quickly adopt their traditional wears.

But I want to suggest that rather than copy just the clothings that covers their inner qualities, we should try to see the intrinsic things that make their clothings most attractive. Let me put it to you that if a mad woman wears a designer dress today and Aisha Buhari wears the same dress same day, one will attract you more than the other. Therefore, it is not the quality or design of the dress that attracts but the qualities inside those wearing it.

Since we love the Yoruba and the Hausa dresses, let us imbibe their intrinsic qualities and supercede them, to see if Yorubas & Hausas will not turn around to adopt our traditional wears. But when you keep copying their dresses, they will keep looking at you as servants.



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