‘Nigeria Divides More Under APC Than During Civil War’

Raymond Dokpesi

Raymond Dokpesi

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) National Chairman aspirant, Raymond Dokpesi, has disclosed Nigeria is more polarised in the current reign of the All Progressives Congress (APC) than during the civil war.

Speaking with journalists at a PDP rally in Marmara, Nasarawa state, on Saturday, Dokpesi said unlike PDP, APC has failed to hold the country together.

He described PDP as the only party capable of uniting the country and resuscitating its ailing economy.

“We must be very hopeful, we must look to the future with a lot of prayers,” he said at the rally, held at the behest of Walid Jubril, chairman of the PDP board of trustees.

“I believe that PDP is the only party that can provide the support, that can provide a rejuvenation of the Nigerian economy, that can really deal with the issues of unity and stability.

“This country is more divided now than it was during the civil war.”

He told the crowd that Nigerians would have a better country when PDP returns to power in 2019.

Also speaking, Jubril called for unity within the party. He said the party needed to come to terms with its current situation, and work towards achieving peace and re-positioning itself for future election victories



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