Leave Akpabio Alone, Udoedehe Tells Critics

fb_img_1474037054436Those thinking that Senator Godswill Akpabio must be humiliated and embarrassed by the All Progressives Congress (APC)-led Federal Government have been advised to have a rethink as they are fighting a futile war.

Senator John James Akpanudoedehe’s elder brother, Chief Godwin Akpanudoedehe, who expressed dismay at the high level of blackmail against the former governor said, “I’m sick and tired of hearing about Akpabio this, Akpabio that. If you have any evidence of stealing concerning Akpabio, please give it to the government agency involved. We can’t keep saying all these about Senator Akpabio in the media while the man has moved on.”

Udoedehe, who supported Umana Umana of the APC during the last governorship elections, said the very people criticizing Akpabio now would have been happy if the Senate Minority Leader had been their relative, maintaining that, “Akpabio has helped all his relatives and few friends. Akpabio is now on the national platform.”

While taking a swipe at Obong Victor Attah and other former leaders from the state, Udoedehe said that, “There are so many of our brothers who were in the same position as Akpabio but only enriched themselves and nothing to show in their brothers or sisters lives. Some refused to even clear a walking path in their village.”

Udoedehe whose comments were posted on his personal social media account rued some former leaders who “have more than 50 cars while their relatives are beggars with college degrees.”

“My argument is I rather have Akpabio as a brother than a selfish brother. I’m too proud to be an Akpanudoedehe but Akpabio has done well for his family.”

“Hate him or love him Akpabio has positively changed many lives. People hate him because he didn’t change their lives. As for me, Akpabio is good for his people and those around him. I love Akpabio for looking out for his family and helping his people. If you don’t like it, when it’s your turn try to help your family and your people.”

“I’m for Akpabio. If the (federal) government has any evidence, let them take him to court not on these forums. It has not moved Akpabio and so far he Akpabio is doing good.”

I don’t support stealing of the government money but ask yourselves among all the rich people in Nigeria how many of them own a factory that makes them billionaire. They all stole from the government funds.

“The difference is that Akpabio is from Akwa Ibom and the thieves are from the West or the North. Most of the oil marketers are from Igbo extraction. We need more Akpabios to help their people. If you like it call me all names but let truth be told Akpabio helped his people and few friends period.”

He had a piece of advice for the ex-governor, “Hey Akpabio keep helping your family and your people to teach these people how to help each other.”



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