Gal Inverters: Your Alternative Energy Solution

img-20160922-wa0001Gal Inverters Solar System is an alternative energy, dealing strictly on inverters and solar systems, who can handle Solar street lamp, coupled with battery and controllers in the pole to provide complete solar street light.

It is the authorised resellers of Prag in Akwa Ibom State with 10kva, 5kva, 3.5kva, and 2.5kva Inverters, Battery, Rack and Installation at affordable rates.

img-20160922-wa0003Gal Inverters has Solar Panels and Inverters of all capacities and everything to make a complete solar system both at home, offices.

Located at 61, Aka Etinan Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Gal Inverters Solar System, in the past three (3) years, has never received any failure/disappointment message from its clients.




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