5,000 Teachers: Gov Emmanuel Reassures Redeployment, Says Recruitment Process Was Wrong

fb_img_1478112189364By Umoh-Obong Kingsley

Akwa Ibom State Governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel, has reassured that the affected 5,000 teachers who were dissolved would be redeployed to service after due screening process that would be conducted soon.

The Governor made this known in a chat with Government House Correspondents at the Akwa Ibom State International Airport, on his arrival from an official engagement on Wednesday.

fb_img_1478112196379Speaking with newsmen, Governor Emmanuel noted that the process of recruitment was wrong, saying that “We have tried to see how we can part, readjust and polish to see how we can bring something out of that recruitment process. Believe me, it was a wrong foundation in terms of due processes.

“If you are putting people to teach our children, please let us leave sentiment apart and let’s go for the right people. You can’t take the wrong people to give wrong training to your child. We need to look at the foundation of those people and make sure that they have the right qualifications.

“I want to reassure the 5,000 teachers that the recruitment exercise will start with them. You don’t need an interview or any other paper to come for a test. When we call for aptitude test, just walk in with that letter you have and you will be granted the avenue to also justify that you actually went through the process,” Governor Emmanuel said.

He further stated that there is no need for the teachers to be afraid if they were truly qualified as the recruitment process will start all over. “I don’t know why they are afraid. If you think you went through the right process, and you are qualified to be a teacher, please mind my words, these are teachers. I will not bow to sentiment. We are here to correct some of those sentiments and we must do it.

“Any teacher who did not pass through the right process, let the person be free to come back for the normal process. I want to reassure those who are qualified that they will get back to service and work, but please let’s do certain things the way our conscience tell us that it’s the right thing to do. Let people leave all this sentiment.

“We recently paraded a syndicate who printed and distributed fake appointment letters to people. I’m sure those who are making noise are those carrying the fake appointment letters, because I don’t see why someone who wants to be a teacher, to teach our children the right thing, would be against going through the right process.

fb_img_1478112207668“So let’s leave sentiment and do the right thing. We are serious with whatsoever we do especially when it involves the future of our children. We are here for serious business. Governance is serious business, let no man bring sentiment.”



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