The Truth Akwa Ibom APC Will Not Tell You

imagesFor sometimes now, I have refused to air my position on anything politics. Reason is that even if I share something of interest that is against the position of the opposition party, they feel bitter and you will see them ranting uncontrollably. For that, I decided to activate the ROM Mode.

But then,I am not doing us well, because I need to inform us on the true situation of things happening within and outside of the State.

Last week, we witnessed the inauguration of Obong Nsima Ekere and his team at the NDDC. Personally,I am happy about that but then let’s tell ourselves the bitter truth here.

The President refused to do the swearing in, the Vice president was also not allowed to do but instead it was the Minister of Niger Delta that performed the swearing in rituals.

I listened with rapt attention to know the duration that Obong Nsima Ekere will serve but nobody made mention of it there.

Now, here is the truth, Nsima Ekere’s tenure will elapse on 2018 because he is expected to complete the remaining 1 year, 6 months left behind by Barr Dan Abia. The APC Leaders who are seeing themselves as Contractors will never let you hear this.

They are also going about deceiving people that with his position,Obong Nsima Ekere will use it to become the Governor of the State come 2019. Imagine lies from the pit of hell.

In as much as the man is qualified to contest the position of the Governor come 2019, none of them should come and decieve innocent citizens of this State.

They should allow the man to see how he will be able to satisfy atleast 10% of his supporters,get ready for the battle coming ahead within his new party. Get ready for blackmails from the same people hailing him now because when the contract is not awarded to them,they will have no other choice than to start attacking him.

That I know and as such, am telling you now so it won’t be too late and won’t take you by surprise.

By God’s grace, starting from next week, expect to be reading from me what you will expect from APC from now till 2018 when it will be dead and buried in the State and Nation at large.

For now, I will call on their leaders to come and debunk what i am saying about the tenure of the MD/CEO of the Commission.

WChief Imo Udoima



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