Jungle Justice: 7-Year Old Boy Lynched For Attempted Theft

The 7-Year old boy lynched for allegedly attempting to still garri

The 7-Year old boy lynched for allegedly attempting to still garri

Jungle justice is fairly common in many Nigerian cities, where the general perception that the judicial system cannot provide justice compels mobs to mete out immediate ‘justice’ on suspicious victims.

A more horrible incident happened on Wednesday in Badagry area of Lagos State where an unidentified 7-year old boy was reportedly lynched for allegedly attempting to steal garri from a trader’s shop in the area.

Many well-meaning Nigerians have taken to their various social media handles to air their views over the ugly incident.

Below are their opinions:

Thunder fire una for the killing so also you shall die.”

Blood suckers. He should have been forgiven even because of his age. Did he go there with a gun?”

Just horrible. God will punish them. They will rot in hell for this.

Stealing is bad, but burning the 7-year old alive is barbaric and wickedness. They could have reported the case to the police.

The Government should arrest the occupants of the shops where it happened. They know the perpetrators. Senseless people.

Noon! This is too much! Why will they take laws into their hands. This is so painful. The Government has to do something about this. Haba!!

All those involved will never know peace. For those that have kids, situation will push their kids into similar situation and they will meet a more horrible fate. For those without kids, wait till you get yours. Crazy people.

The families of those who put their hands in this killing will know no peace.

This is inhuman! For God sake, what is this country turning into? A little hungry kid killed for looking for something to eat? Come on this is injustice considering the situation of things. Even adults find life difficult how much more a little homeless hungry kid?

This act most not continue and those behind this act must be dealt with according to the law.

It’s really appalling and inhumane to kill a 7yr old boy for stealing Garri, even after beating him to that extent. I’m touched and as well embarrassed by this news. Who knows what might had gotten him involved in such act.

When a child of 7yrs steals Garri and not a cell phone the idiots around should know that they child is simply hungry especially with the situation in Nigeria now. The torture was too much let alone the tyre, the fire… common Naira. Your judgement awaits you.

The people that killed this little boy for stealing garri will never experience a peaceful conscience and shall die too by same way they killed this little boy just because of Garri. Who knows if he was hungry or his siblings are. God punish poor mentality.

This is very barbaric and cruel to carry out a jungle justice on a 7year old boy. The mob should have wasted their anger against the Nation’s Looters across 36 states in Nigeria. Has any one been jailed or mobbed for looting the nation’s treasury? NO! Our energy should have been channeled towards feeding the poor, more people going into agriculture and killing corruption. This is too bad!

Anyone who has hand in the boy’s death shall also die untimely death. Many people are suffering based on Nigeria’s economy. Make God punish that idiot called Buhari.

Where in God’s name were the police? How come those people stood there and watch while the small boy was being set ablaze. The blood of this boy will forever be on their head.”

The most famous mob killing in Nigeria that has refused to depart the minds of well-meaning Nigerians till date was the killing of four University students in the town of Aluu, Rivers State dubbed ‘Alu 4’.

This is a clarion call to the law enforcement agencies in the country for the need for them to wake up to their responsibilities.



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