Ikono Youths Disown Victor Udofia, Oppose Reception To APC

Victor Udofia

Victor Udofia

The planned reception of Hon. Victor Udofia, member representing Ikono State Constituency in the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly has been strongly opposed by the youths of the area.

The reception in his honour by few members of Ward 3 slated for Friday, 2nd December 2016, has been discovered to be another clandestine strategy by Honourable member to launch his campaign for House of Representative ambition in 2019 under APC platform.

The youths, under the auspices of Ikono Ward 3 Youths Forum disclosed that Hon. Udofia is nurturing ambition for House of Representative in 2019 under the platform of APC and has been organizing secret meetings in the area to actualize his ambition.

They noted that the House member has never offered a good representation since inception in 2011 but was rather imposed on Ikono people by the last administration for selfish reasons.

According to them, “this is why he is only answerable to those people that imposed him on Ikono people. He used all manners of intimidation and violence to win his second term to House of Assembly.

Now he has seen that Ikono people are strongly against him and for PDP and will not be fooled into accepting someone like him as their elected officer that is why he is trying to use another strategy in the name of reception.

“We are not ready to receive him. Nobody is receiving him because he has not done anything to the people. He should point at any constituency projects he has done in Ikono that would have warranted the people to organize reception for him. We cannot be fooled twice and we will not allow ourselves to be fooled this time again”.

The youths also noted that Honourable Victor Udofia was unfit to represent the Ikono people in any position. They described his clandestine strategy as an archaic tactic and would be resisted by all sensed persons in the area.

“We are not surprised by what he is doing. He is organizing this reception to carry out his campaign and bring his APC friends to Ikono. We are out to resist all his cohorts from APC from coming into our ward. We don’t want any anti party activity here. We are for PDP and any attempt to sway our people will be resisted with our last drop of blood.

“Since Victor Udofia wants to join APC, he should do that honourably and leave Ikono Ward 3 alone. We have nothing to do with a member who has not sponsored any bill in five years, and has only attended House seating once or twice in a year.

“He was once alleged of involvement in murder of a person he was supposed to represent. This is dishonourable of a man who goes with the prefix – honourable. We are ashamed of him. In the area of touching lives, has no tangible effort to justify his huge pay”

“We are reliably informed that he wants to bring his APC affiliates including Obong Nsima Ekere and Umana Okon Umana to come and sway the support of Ikono to APC. But we will not agree to this, we will not allow them to come and campaign in this Ward. We want to let those people know that we are ready and will resist such intrusion.

A youth leader from Ikono Ward 11, Ekemini Ubeng, said Victor Udofia was never a member of PDP but was only imposed on the people of Ikono.

According to Ekemini “He did not support us when we were campaigning for Governor Udom Emmanuel. He was supporting Honourable Okpolum Etteh, as was presented to him by those people that brought him to Ikono people. When he failed, he continued to create political factions in Ikono.”

“Two weeks ago, there was report in the newspaper and social media that Victor Udofia was going to dump PDP to APC. It is not a lie. He has been having secret meetings with stakeholders on this plan. His is planning to contest for House of Representative in 2019 on the platform of APC. That is why he is doing all what he is doing,” Ekemini said.

The youths unanimously noted that the planned reception for Hon. Victor Udofia would be resisted by Ikono people and warned those invited for such unfounded occasion to stay away.



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